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bierdimpfe t1_jduzwbo wrote

Would this be in the form of reserve water supplies, water treatment equipment, something else?


felldestroyed t1_jdv388s wrote

Reserve. Hospitals, assisted living center, and skilled nursing facilities are required to have on site water for 72 hours and a contract for a 1 month supply with a 3rd party supplier (typically sysco). These are rules baked into medicare/state law.


rndljfry t1_jdv5s18 wrote

Sounds like communism, imagine how much more profitable the hospitals could be without stupid useless regulations like this


felldestroyed t1_jdv68kr wrote

Well, if we didn't have these regulations, the hospital will totally 100% pass on the savings to you! That's how capitalism works, duh! /s if that was needed


rndljfry t1_jdv7d4l wrote

My favorite story on this topic is that when the sugar tax went into effect, my employer "made up for it" by increasing the price of a 12oz iced tea by $0.70 to offset the $0.18 tax.


rushrhees t1_jdv0jh3 wrote

Probably a combination of those and they probably hold off anything elective until water is fixed