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randompittuser t1_je9iaw8 wrote

They know it leads to blight. Everyone knows casinos are a bad idea. But the local officials are paid & go along with it.


oliver_babish t1_je9srf1 wrote

The problem is that once Foxwoods opened in CT and broke the Vegas/AC monopoly, it was more or less inevitable that everyone else was going to compete for that revenue and not lose it to other states.

The best we can do is keep the casinos in places that won't impair better development -- and I think we're okay on that front in Philadelphia -- and tax the shit out of it. And we do: "Total tax revenue generated collectively through all forms of gaming and fantasy contests was $188,976,155* during February 2023."

Obviously, they can be doing better on gambling addiction, especially given how much is spent to promote sports betting at this point, and probably should be more aggressive at banning people from gambling who ever pull shit like this.


ModeratingInfluence t1_jeeidnf wrote

No. We can do better. We did better for decades and decades before we started populating the east coast with casinos.


GooFoYouPal t1_je9o0jn wrote

and the local officials get a few key neighborhood people on board who then convince the local mouthbreathers that the casinos will bring MoAr JoBs! to the area. The shit that old school Towners and that stupid fucking FACT Org were pushing when they were pushing to build Sugarhouse was appalling. What an absolute waste of prime riverfront space to build a palace of degeneracy.