Submitted by GumshoeAndy t3_123yedw in philadelphia

My grandfather recently gave me a 1950's era model steam engine and asked me to get back in working order. He was using it as part of a model train set. He suggested I take it to a hobby shop for assistance. Does anyone know of a hobby shop that would work on something like this in the general area?



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JBizznass t1_jdx1ohh wrote

There is a Train store in Broomall.


PerfumedPornoVampire t1_jdx3ftd wrote

Came to say this, Nicholas Smith Trains and Toys


diatriose t1_jdxqsza wrote

Came here to say this. They're great and they have an onsite technician for trains.


DaVinciYRGB t1_jdyffzm wrote

Nicolas Smith Trains is great. I’ve used them to get some G Gauge trains repaired before with great results.

There’s also Steve’s Train Repair in Cherry Hill.


TheFAPnetwork t1_jdwx10h wrote

I know of a hobby shop in Berlin Farmers Market that has old school trains. I believe they sell tracks for them as well. If anything they can point you in the right direction. They have the old Lionel trains, old oil locomotives

It's the hobby shop right next to the pretzel place

Sequoia Coins (spot #304) 856-768-1164


GumshoeAndy OP t1_jdx0wtl wrote

Awesome, I'm going to stop by if Bussingers doesn't pan out.


fancymenofcornwood t1_jdxbuqk wrote

AAA Hobbies on the White Horse Pike is my favorite hobby spot. They have model train section as well.


RubberV t1_jdxnj5i wrote

Henning’s Trains in Lansdale, PA. They do train repairs and have a very nice train and model shop too.


robalesi t1_jdzjfbi wrote

Can't speak to it besides that it seems to get very strong reviews. But this spot is very accessible after a quick PATCO ride into Jersey.

If you're into records, I can absolutely vouch for Phidelity Records right next door. Really solid record shop.


GreatDeku t1_jdxib7n wrote

I’ve gotten a few O gauge engines (prewar and modern) repaired at Joes Train Station on County Line Rd in Hatboro (or Huntingdon Valley maybe). There’s 3 old dudes that work there - one is a dickhead and the other two are awesome.


GumshoeAndy OP t1_jdxtc5j wrote

Good look. Which one should I avoid?


GreatDeku t1_jdy63uw wrote

Go to the ancient looking fellow with Grey hair, or the guy that looks like a chubbier Billie Mays. The old dude with brown hair is the angry one. I think Aldi-brand Billie Mays is the guy that actually does the repairs.


Steevotion t1_jdxvlbr wrote

There was just a big toy train show here recently too


jspek666 t1_jdzq31o wrote

I go to AAA hobbies in Magnolia. They are also which I use when I dont feel like traveling down there.


MongolianCluster t1_je0wr4r wrote

Look for a train hobby club. There are people all over that have huge setups in their basements and know everything there is to know about this stuff.