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helplesslyselfish OP t1_jdellri wrote

> Residents in Port Richmond awoke Monday to find they’d become the site of a white supremacist recruitment campaign. Hundreds of stickers with racist, antisemitic messages were plastered to poles throughout the neighborhood, including its main shopping corridor, Richmond Street. Some stickers depicted Nazi symbols and ethnic caricatures; others supported Kanye West and his flagrant comments about Jewish people. According to a sweeping new report from the Anti-Defamation League, these incidents are becoming disturbingly more common. Figures from the anti-hate organization showed sharp rises in antisemitic activity nationwide last year. Pennsylvania saw a 65% increase.

65% is fucking crazy! Where are these people coming from?


B3n222 t1_jdhaz1a wrote

I grew up in small town pa and am not at all surprised. Also like 80% of the state is small town pa.


PhillyPanda t1_jdenq4z wrote

2021 looks to be an outlier in PA specifically from the last 5 years, tho still an increase (109 incidents in ‘19, 101 in ‘20, 69 in ‘21 and 114 in ‘22). Still not a good trend, the surge seemed to happen in 2017 (not surprising), and now we’re right back there.

I sincerely doubt this captures even a small fraction of actual incidents.


PM_Me_Your_WorkFiles t1_jdh8fe0 wrote

Saw a guy walking down the schuylkill river path spray painting each individual light pole. Didn’t look like he was writing anything, just dotting out something on each pole. I asked what he was doing, turned out he was X-ing out swastikas stickers someone had put along the entire river path.

So weird to me that Nazis can find a foothold here.


MaoZedongs t1_jdh97fr wrote

Super weird, isn’t it?

The white nationalists always seem to do their heaviest recruiting in areas with large populations of POC and strong progressive politics. You never see them where there’s a preponderance of white people.


theaccountant856 t1_jdjjjkj wrote

Because there’s no evidence this was done by a white nationalist. Most likely was done by a paid agitator


MaoZedongs t1_jdkk1xu wrote

You don’t say?!?

Though, I can say from knowing some people that they willingly do it for free. Usually college kids changing the world… however the hell this accomplishes that.


dotcom-jillionaire t1_jdhb76v wrote

like most crime things in philly, the scum putting those flyers up are coming in from the suburbs and nj to spread their hate. these slackjaws literally believe a majority of the public are sympathetic to their cause and seeing these messages will help activate others to white supremacy.

none too bright!


fushiao t1_jdft9kx wrote

Fuck these nazi bastards


dannygunz t1_jdg9v6f wrote

It's weird I remember at all sorts of public events growing up (early 2000s) like parades or shows there would always be people handing out leaflets for dumb shit like white supremacists, naturalists, conspiracies, but no one ever paid any mind and would just throw it away... now if that sort of thing happened it would end up in the news.


Nanis149 t1_jdlefre wrote

I saw one of these once in Rhawnhurst. Normally, people would chalk it up to the Northeast just being the Northeast, bur this wasn't somewhere like Parkwood, this was in Rhawnhurst, a neighborhood that has historically had a large Jewish community. This was very obviously deliberately placed there.

Did I scribble over it a lot with a marker to make it unreadable? yes. Am I still super worried despite that? quite


Browncoat23 t1_jdsdmzk wrote

Sadly it’s not new. Ner Zedek in Rhawnhurst was vandalized every few years (broken windows, swastikas, etc.) going back 20 years.


theaccountant856 t1_jdj7ksi wrote

The city goes 83% blue every year and I believe we are at 60% POC? The chances you have a community of white nationalists is very very small. A more likely scenario are agitators who are trying to stoke racial division. Especially factoring in no one knows who any of these people are. No one has ever seen them do anything. And all they are doing is putting up signs pictures etc and not doing any property damage that would result in increased inspection. Pretty obvious to me this is a false flag 🤌🏼


palerthanrice t1_jdk9jfi wrote

I feel like it’s just one or two dickheads from Jersey. I looked up one of the websites and it’s insanely rinky-dink.

It’s one photo of five guys next to a flag, then all stock photos. They have a tab labeled “stickers and flyers” and it’s literally one jpeg of a sheet of different designs all spliced together, and they say something like “feel free to print these out!” Like they won’t even send you a fucking sticker, you gotta make it yourself haha.

And to your point about a false flag, idk about that, but the whole website is desperately steering you towards their contact form, where you need to give a lot of personal info. Not sure what type of white supremacist organization would ask for a full name and multiple ways of contact, so that’s a bit suspicious.

So it could be a honeypot, a false flag, or genuine fucking idiots, but either way, it doesn’t deserve an inquirer article because if somehow this really is legit, this is the exact type of attention they’re looking for.


theaccountant856 t1_jdm3o7v wrote

Thank you. That’s more or less what I’m tryna say lol it’s just very fishy and not at all threatening


PhillyPanda t1_jdjgs0w wrote

> Especially factoring in no one knows who any of these people are

Zach Rehl is pretty well known


theaccountant856 t1_jdjh7wr wrote

To my point he was literally an FBI informant

Edit: my bad he wasn’t an FBI informant but enriqo and the other lady were. Either way like I said most likely a false flag lol


PhillyPanda t1_jdjholr wrote

No, an unidentified female was an informant, not him


theaccountant856 t1_jdjhvqx wrote


PhillyPanda t1_jdji8s3 wrote

But not Zach Rehl according to anything you’ve linked so far.


theaccountant856 t1_jdjioc0 wrote

So Zach joined a hate group that was literally an FBI psy op. A true American classic. Again the chances that a legit white nationalist community exists in Philadelphia out of all places is so incredibly small that the FBI has to basically orchestrate the whole thing.

Most likely a gov psy op used for false flags. We’ve been here before

Edit: who even cares about this Zach dudes he’s not even mentioned in the article and there’s just as much evidence that you put up the stickers vs the proud boys who are all on trial lol


MaoZedongs t1_jdh9g06 wrote

The agitprop will continue until your faith in their system is restored.


RustyShackleford454 t1_jdiig5y wrote

Dude has waited all winter to leave his mom's basement to post these stickers.


Flyersdude17 t1_jdj4th1 wrote

No cameras of these scumbags putting these out?


StevenFromPhilly t1_jdie062 wrote

Port Richmond, home to dirtbags. Film at 11.