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TheFAPnetwork t1_jb3g2ut wrote

It's still winter. The project was done late Fall.

Let's cook with your idea of a trolley on Washington Avenue. Should i fold my shopping cart after shopping at the tile store when I get on the trolley, or do you think the operator will open the back doors so that I can pull my cart on from there? Will your magical trolley be in the center lanes like Girard Avenue? Or will they ride along the sidewalls where trucks load and unload and where people double park?

So in your mind this trolley is installed. Where does it loop around and come back? Or does it go into infinity a place where you can't be bothered; until you need it for where you want to go?


ScottishCalvin t1_jb3ty91 wrote

- My point about the tile store was that vast swathes of the road are hardware places and the cycle lanes will remain a deathtrap to those unwilling to negotiate around semi-truck making a delivery. London tried throwing in some half-assed bike lanes (into its otherwise decent scheme) and those ones are super dangerous because they fool casual users into thinking that they're safe when they're far from.

- Trolleys? I would put them in the middle like Girard, leaving delivery space for all the commercial vehicles that by necessity need to park close to the curb. I would do a loop around a block at Broad St and have them turn onto Columbus, doing a loop around near Ikea. It would encourage a shit-ton of riverfront development and at that point any large projects being built south of Oregon would require the developer to chip into extending the line as a precondition to rezoning