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ell0bo t1_je4wtam wrote

I'd think most people, after the last few years, are just sick of corruption and will just stay away from anything that smells of that. Maybe I have too much hope in humanity. Also, not sure where "White liberals are trying to kill off a Black man's candidacy" is coming from?


oliver_babish t1_je541m3 wrote

the case was brought by Jeff Brown's campaign lawyer.


rossdowdell t1_je5721a wrote

Yes, it was. For unfortunately obvious reasons.

My argument was not fleshed out due to time constraints. Occasionally, I work.

Jeff Brown may be behind the action, but perception often supercedes reality. Do not give Amen Brown any opening to be seen as persecuted.

Amen Brown has zero chance to win. Let the dead rot quietly.


tankguy33 t1_je5j8sd wrote

It may have something to do with the fact that they share a last name and are neighbors on the ballot


An_emperor_penguin t1_je7uk41 wrote

lmao half of Amens voters are going to people that meant to vote for Jeff, of course Jeff wants him gone