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SaiyanRoyalty22 t1_jb92fz8 wrote

A Hoagie is cold

The only hot hoagie is a Cheese Steak Hoagie ( and even that I consider to be more of a Cheese Steak than a hoagie)


Wuz314159 OP t1_jb95b9l wrote

That's what I thought... So explain this Wawa advert. (Not my video)


TheFAPnetwork t1_jb9brif wrote

That's just wawa re-labeling their horrible food so that it sounds authentic. Hot hoagie? Let's be real, it sounds as horrible as it is. Hot hoagie is warm soggy lettuce, melted mayonnaise, tomatoes so soft they turn to mush. Don't get me started on a hot tuna salad hoagie


Wuz314159 OP t1_jb9ltvp wrote

>Don't get me started on a hot tuna salad hoagie

What about hot tuna salad hoagies?


murphysfriend t1_jb9bda9 wrote

When it is heated or toasted; southern states call it: a Grinder 😳🤦🏻‍♂️


TheFAPnetwork t1_jb96nnu wrote

You can't ask this question without first knowing the origins of the hoagie.

Do you think shipyard builders had a hot ass 'hoggie' for their lunch break? Or did they have a few minutes to toast their cold ass sandwich with a blowtorch from the welding rig?


[deleted] t1_jb9kpif wrote



Browncoat23 t1_jbemtww wrote

What are you talking about? My dad’s in his sixties, born and raised in Mayfair, and has called it a grinder his entire life. It may not have originated here, but it’s not like it’s new slang.


rovinchick t1_jbdecmh wrote

Hoagies are cold. Grinders are hot. Wawa is trippin, I kid you not.


Ray_D_O_Dog t1_jbd8kez wrote

I hesitate to even comment on this blatant Wawa subversive marketing campaign...but, here I am...a cold hoagie is a "hoagie," a hot hoagie is a "grinder."


Wuz314159 OP t1_jbdbf0c wrote

Never eat food from a gas station. . . . But I like your cynicism. +1


PrincessGwyn t1_jbb4dpi wrote

A. Hoagies are cold. You can heat a hoagie, I guess. But to me it’s - hoagies (cold) and cheesesteak / steak sandwich (hot)

Anything else is just a sandwich


the_hoagie t1_jbu9voi wrote

A, although I guess you could toast the roll if you wanted.


PhillyPanda t1_jb95wjm wrote

Cold but bread can be toasted (not the default)