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CerealJello t1_jba258d wrote

I'm not expecting it to be some windfall for the city or some huge change in culture. I just think the current flag is ugly and recognizable and would be extremely easy to find something better to replace it.


napsdufroid t1_jba2nag wrote

Again, if you hate it that much and think it would be easy to replace, start a movement.

Edit: Your downvote kinda tells me you're not that interested.


Simon_the_Cannibal t1_jba8nmz wrote

I'm here to downvote you for complaining about downvotes.

Obviously not downvoting you for complaining generally, else I'd have to do that in every thread. Have you ever posted something positive?


napsdufroid t1_jbaa12q wrote

Wasn't complaining; just making an observation. And I complain far fucking less than a number of others on here. But you believe what you want.