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Simon_the_Cannibal t1_jba7m6p wrote

I'm late to the party on a downvoted thread, but here are my two cents:

If a random person can't sew the flag, it's too complicated. A flag is a piece of cloth that's generally fifty feet off the ground - it's best to construct something that works for that purpose.

The argument "I think it looks good" falls flat on this grounds - one might think the Mona Lisa looks good, but it would not make a good flag.

People arguing that Council has better things to do - this is literally never going to be on their agenda, so why waste energy arguing from that perspective? Philadelphia hates change so much that we got pissed we might kill fewer kids on Washington Ave. To not kill kids was too much change for Council. Why can't we have a little fun thinking about new symbols for the city, even if it won't happen?

To sum up: I think it should change, I know it won't change; you're allowed to have fun.


rndljfry OP t1_jba8nsa wrote

A lot of people here thinking this post is taking away from crime-fighting efforts or something lol