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Darius_Banner t1_jcxtizz wrote

Groundhog, aka woodchuck. Marmots only live at high altitude (Rocky Mountains etc)


FGoose OP t1_jcxv1mw wrote

The groundhog's scientific name is Marmota monax, making it one of 14 types of marmot that can be found in the Northern Hemisphere.


lordredsnake t1_jcxx1si wrote

Which is also in the squirrel family, to educate/confuse people further.


this_shit t1_jcy7a00 wrote

I'm here for the universal renaming of all groundhogs/woodchucks as marmots. These are some of my favorite animals, and it's always a treat to find them in the alpine. Hell yeah city marmots.


rboymtj t1_jcz1iio wrote

Whistle pig is the best groundhog name.


bigpapi69x t1_jcxs1dk wrote

Bro is literally just chillen. He just like me fr


FGoose OP t1_jcxvcbx wrote

Yes big Papi he’s just like you


all4whatnot t1_jcxv3v5 wrote

That's just a Philly sized rat.


sutisuc t1_jcy6vec wrote

Lets not forget Dude that keeping wildlife, um... an amphibious rodent, for... um, ya know domestic... within the city... that ain't legal either.


IFSEsq t1_jcymo8k wrote

What are you, a fucking park Ranger now?!


fashoom t1_jcyol2y wrote

Hey man, this is a private residence.


whatsunderyournose t1_jcyjefj wrote

A lot of not legal shit is ignored in this city. I don't think domesticating groundhogs is very high on PPDs priorities.


IFSEsq t1_jcymm08 wrote

Nice marmot.


uptown_gargoyle t1_jcxsy4m wrote

ooo there's a couple of these guys that hang out near the 49th street regional rail station. I always assumed they were groundhogs but i think they might be marmots based on this picture


FGoose OP t1_jcxv43v wrote

It’s a groundhog I was going with scientific name for the sake of a alliteration


lordredsnake t1_jcxxfnf wrote

All groundhogs are marmots, all marmots are squirrels, and all squirrels are rodents.

Big funny looking rodents that wage war on my squash every year.


H00die5zn t1_jcy06xr wrote

I picture getting this shot is the equivalent of Arnold covering himself in mud hiding from Predator


ryanthekipp t1_jcyl3dg wrote

On a side note, I saw a beaver at John Heinz while birding last spring. Had no idea beavers were around. But I was 3ft away from it and got to watch it chew on sticks for a while at such a close distance. Very cool


FGoose OP t1_jcyn8wh wrote

Beavers are one of those animals that’s like surprisingly common. Having said that I have yet to photograph one and it’s low key been driving me crazy.


melonlord44 t1_jczk9ff wrote

I got one on video at the end of January! Was out running on the SRT a bit after sunrise, and saw what looked like a log floating downriver but it had a wake lol. It was right in front of that lighthouse thing at the end of boathouse row, where the statue used to be, prob like 10ft from shore. Headed downriver probably to that little island thing in between boathouse row and the dam


FGoose OP t1_jczmfds wrote

What you are describing sounds like a muskrat


melonlord44 t1_jczq97i wrote

Huh yeah maybe. It was quite large and looking at the video I can sorta see the paddle tail beneath the surface but I'm not really sure


FGoose OP t1_jd07j9z wrote

Might have been a beaver than


Dashists22 t1_jczyfuw wrote

They setup on the smaller runs that feed into the Pennypack.

Edit: removed a location


FGoose OP t1_jd07gz9 wrote

Anyway you could dm me with like specific coordinates? Cause that sounds dope


Dashists22 t1_jd0e2g2 wrote

I prefer not to share. The difficulties they face with so many people already utilizing the watershed, they don’t need any additional pressure. I am going to edit my earlier comment to remove the location I already shared. I hope you understand and if not, my apologies.


FGoose OP t1_jd0fc6x wrote

I one hundred percent understand and respect your choice.


MacKelvey t1_jcyqyn8 wrote

I’ve seen trees that’s they’ve gnawed on but never the beaver responsible


medicated_in_PHL t1_jcy7vo6 wrote

Also…. Marmot…. City limits….. that ain’t legal dude.


PineSand t1_jcy3j1y wrote

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


jimgillespie t1_jcyp143 wrote

Ahh good ol Pennypack. So many days spent there as a kid when I was forced into Cub/Boy scouts. Took my dog there recently as an adult and I think I enjoyed it for the first time.


Dashists22 t1_jczy1qg wrote

I’ve euthanized three from my yard that just woke up in the last week. These guys suck.