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CozyMoses t1_jd3kdhn wrote

Neato, Gauthier is the best representative that West Philly has had in ages and would be tough to beat. Random Anecdote - I remember complaining to the water department for weeks about a broken hydrant on our street. I reached out to Gauthier and within a half day it was fixed. She's frequently engaging folks on community forums and seems to actively fight for them. West Philly has had some shitty reps, but Gauthier ain't one of them.


GroundbreakingArt248 t1_jd321i1 wrote

I’m happy to have Gauthier as my Councilperson but I don’t think democracy is well served when incumbent candidates run unopposed.


CozyMoses t1_jd3komp wrote

I'd rather have them run unopposed than have someone run a disruptive campaign they know they can't win for political clout. Just burns money and time from both sides that could be put towards the actual governance. That being said, if Gauthier wasn't doing her job with aplomb I might feel differently.


trifflinmonk t1_jd47pfj wrote

I think you are both right. It does feel like we can’t do anything to fix city council when incumbents are so hard to run a campaign against


diatriose t1_jd3p6ni wrote

Good, Jabari Jones is a clown. Gauthier is a breath of fresh air, especially after the Blackwells


squirreltalk t1_jd609ad wrote

Gauthier deserves a lot of props for her bike lane expansion work.


PHL852 t1_jdfh9r0 wrote

She seems to be effective on issues in her district but I don’t like her association with the useless so called progressive like Helen Gym etc. Her inserting herself in the encampment issue was a bad sign.