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Past_Cartographer230 t1_jbc2knl wrote

Cvs sucks in philly. Everything you need is locked up and they are understaffed so no one is around to help you.


PillowNinja99 t1_jbcxonb wrote

Also true for Walgreens and Targets in CC tbh. It's ridiculous. And they make you feel like a terrible person for asking them to unlock the damn shampoos or laundry detergents.


Past_Cartographer230 t1_jbcy658 wrote

We’re sorry that you have to do your job because your company locks things up.


DeltaNerd t1_jbgel4p wrote

Sigh it sucks Philly is struggling so much with this small stuff. With all the stealing and dirtiness of the city.


YoungHeartOldSoul t1_jbcpejx wrote

That's just the cvs vibe. I've been to cvs here, in Baltimore and in Alabama and they're all about the same. Might be slightly better in the south.


Farzy78 t1_jbdzwy1 wrote

Will when stealing isn't a crime in philly anymore they need to lock shit up


dirtymatt t1_jbe2o2a wrote

It’s not just Philly. The CVS near my mom’s house out in cow country is the same.


mbz321 t1_jbhtr04 wrote

CVS sucks anywhere, but so do all the chain pharmacies these days. Better off getting Rx's filled at an independent or mail-order and picking up health and beauty stuff at the supermarket (and will likely be a lot cheaper).


ColdJay64 t1_jbbc8q7 wrote

Makes sense as there's a location one block away in the Target.


missiontodenmark t1_jbdqd84 wrote

And another one at 23rd and Fairmount.


iamrobk t1_jbep8ct wrote

Honestly always thought this one would close after the 21st and Hamilton location opened. Tbh shocked it’s the other way around.


omgicanteven22 t1_jbbe1k4 wrote

That cvs had the most random shit locked away like body wash. I went to get Advil and the girl made me follow her there and step away from the case. Good riddance.


[deleted] OP t1_jbbe4gz wrote



omgicanteven22 t1_jbberni wrote

Yeah she just acted like I was gonna pull a gun on her for a 20 dollar bottle of Advil like calm down


raynesoul t1_jbc0yuz wrote

To you that might seem ridiculous but people rob, steal, and shoot for way less especially in Philadelphia.


ColdJay64 t1_jbc1z8u wrote

….They lock things up at stores in every city.


raynesoul t1_jbc2328 wrote

Your point? Whatever it is, it doesn’t invalidate mine even in the slightest 😂


ColdJay64 t1_jbc2hk3 wrote

Just weird that people go out of their way to shit on Philly at every chance. Someone posted a pic of locked up stuff at a Philly Target on some other sub (also to shit on Philly) and people were commenting from like dozens of cities saying it was the same there.


raynesoul t1_jbc2pbo wrote

Philadelphia consistently ranks above the national average in terms of crime, especially violent offenses. Sorry that you’re in denial. If you’re from Philly, your pride is blinding you to the facts. Look it up.


ColdJay64 t1_jbc2y1b wrote

I know the stats. Doesn’t make it less weird how much the Philly sub hates Philly and still exaggerates at times.


raynesoul t1_jbc378a wrote

You clearly don’t know the stats if you’re willing to argue that it’s “weird” that a subreddit of a city is simply AWARE that their city is dangerous. I didn’t say it was the most dangerous but it tops multiple charts. But I won’t argue your opinion with you any longer, God bless.


GoldenMonkeyRedux t1_jbbk346 wrote

It's like that in almost every CVS in the city now. My local one at 43rd and Locust is the same, but the employees there are great and somewhat embarrassed about the entire situation. I had to ask for generic prilosec that was locked up.


BrowniesAndMilk1 t1_jbcl19r wrote

I go to that one too. I love putting my body against the freezers and moaning


[deleted] OP t1_jbber5d wrote



PaulBlartFleshMall t1_jbbwatz wrote

If the city actually provided a decent opportunity at life with our tax dollars, people wouldn't have to steal


Dorigan23 t1_jbbztbl wrote

Oooh sorry for the downvotes, people hate when you point out that individual responsibility wont fix collective issues


PaulBlartFleshMall t1_jbc015f wrote

Yeah it's much easier to be mad at poor people. 'If only they stopped drinking a $7 coffee every day they'd be able to rise out of homelessness!'

Idgaf about downvotes but thanks :)


tastycakebiker t1_jbbt699 wrote

Right, cause it’s their fault that people steal shit all the time??


omgicanteven22 t1_jbby5we wrote

No but you don’t have to treat every person like a criminal especially since I’m asking for the meds not being shady


tastycakebiker t1_jbc0p1s wrote

The cvs employee unlocked the case for you to get advil and then locked it back up when you were done?? SHE HAS SOME NERVE!!


bulbous_mongolian t1_jbbsx7o wrote

Yeah i just buy that kinda shit on amazon these days. I’m not searching for the one employee in the entire store to help me get a stick of deodorant


theblondegiraffe t1_jbcd2vj wrote

Same. And at CVS if you push the button to get an employee to unlock the case it announces to the whole store that you need assistance in deodorants or whatever. I know it’s not embarrassing to buy deodorant everyone does it but the whole store doesn’t have to know my business.


Lower_Alternative770 t1_jbcitxw wrote

I use CVS carepass. It  costs $48 a year. BUT you get a $10 promo code every month, which more than makes up for that. You can order online and as long as you buy one CVS item such as a CVS or Gold Emblem product, delivery is free. My last order was for $32.75, but with the $10 promo code and other discounts on my carepass card, I ended up spending $10.48. I just add things to my shopping cart and order once a month. Delivery comes from stores around the country, sometimes more than one and usually arrives in 3-5 days by UPS. 


ollie149 t1_jbd2aj3 wrote

How do they even make money, is there a minimum spend to apply the $10 code??


ultraviolettflower t1_jbdq9gk wrote

Once or twice I've paid pennies using my $10 discount. Literally. There's also a 20% discount on cvs brand stuff. Very good discounts for the cost.


Lower_Alternative770 t1_jbe8mjj wrote

I have no idea how they make money. No minimum. There have been times when my order has been divided between two stores and something for $5 has been sent for free by UPS.


Adam__B t1_jbchb47 wrote

Rite Aid at 23rd and Walnut was gotten rid of as well, which sucks, cause that one was 24 hours and I could walk to it from my apartment.


bigassbiddy t1_jbe6mqm wrote

Stores closing or cutting hours really takes away a major amenity of city living. It’s what happens when our city leadership makes crime legal I guess.


[deleted] OP t1_jbb77nr wrote



justanawkwardguy t1_jbb9uya wrote

Can you not get the same stuff at the Target around the corner?


Horry43 t1_jbbbis5 wrote

Competition is good?


justanawkwardguy t1_jbbbpup wrote

Target and CVS have a partnership where CVS runs the pharmacy in target, so it’s not really competitive


Horry43 t1_jbbd9hd wrote

Ah, now this makes more sense. Thanks for that.


thecw t1_jbd66od wrote

It’s not a partnership, CVS outright owns Target pharmacy


trussell7715 t1_jbd38py wrote

I already got a ton of snacks 50% off from there. I go there about three times a week. The variety is shrinking though. I don’t think they’re marking anything down but the food though. Most of it will be returned to the warehouse and shipped to other locations.


Adam__B t1_jbcmwqh wrote

Just put everything behind glass, like a snack machine, and then make people pay before the items are given to them.


JustinMagill t1_jbeg046 wrote

It negatively impacts sales quite a bit. You have to lose quite a bit of product for it to be worth it. Now you have a store that has less sales, higher operating costs and potential staffing issues. A lot of times it's just easier to close up and move elsewhere.


KenzoWap t1_jbbo64u wrote

Is that the cvs that’s inside the new building?


Ratcoonhog t1_jbfuaav wrote

what's going in there instead?


Dorigan23 t1_jbbzvaj wrote

Were they also trying to organize?