Submitted by gryklin t3_124l63u in philadelphia

Just got my renewal notice and 6 month premium with Allstate jumped from $2300 to $2800, 1 accident under $5000 no major speeding tickets… with same history it was a third of the price in NJ. Is Fishtown just rated this high? 35 years old and 2022 Tesla model y but nothing changed since garaging from NJ to Philly. Wasn’t even paying anywhere this much in fairmount either.

Edit: good call, I called Costco’s insurance and went down to $1860 per 6 months saving me 2 grand a year, apples to apples… probably more once I call to bundle my home insurance. Still have to get a quote from Erie, Progressive. Clover stopped insuring Teslas this year.



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SaltPepperKetchup215 t1_jdzoh28 wrote

Insurance rates rise via zip code.

If more claims are made in your zip or by drivers who reside in your zip it’ll effect your rate.

My friends car windows have been smashed 7x in the last few months in fishtown. I’m sure he’s not the only one (nothing visible in car obviously)

So with claims going up so will your insurance regardless of your personal claims or history.

Edit to add the window smashing was in OP same zip code.


sunofernest t1_je5o413 wrote

But are broken windows claimed on insurance? I've always paid out of pocket since it was under my $500 deductible.


irockunow t1_jdzpxgp wrote

Agent here: all company rates are going up right now. Why? Higher parts cost (new and used) paying you way over and above normal total loss value if you wrecked your car so you can buy another inflated priced car, paying maximum rental car coverage due to the parts shortage, distracted driving and fatalities are still a problem. With that said, Allstate is on fire right now as a company. Get other quotes now. Lastly, your Tesla is expensive to repair or replace, and Philadelphia in city rates are and always have been absurdly high.


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snorlaxthelorax t1_jdzrk8b wrote

You’re complaining about 400 dollars more every 6 months and you got paid 20k over what your TESLA was worth?! Come on buddy…


irockunow t1_jdzqavo wrote

exactly my point. My dad had a total loss, and he got $10,000 over what I expected for his car, in order to replace it.


cerialthriller t1_je02djv wrote

I just saw an article yesterday about how Teslas are so expensive to fix even from minor accidents and the wait time for repairs is so long that insurance companies are being forced to total out cars that are in minor accidents


tjw105 t1_je1ke8h wrote

This is a two sided problem both of which are self inflicted by Tesla. They drummed up a wild demand for their vehicle without being able to fulfill pending orders in any sort of reasonable time frame. And the ones that are made have almost no quality control whatsoever leading to a wide variety of issues in a short period of time.

The fact that other manufacturers have successfully entered the electric market and Tesla is still having these problems should be a warning sign to anyone thinking about going down that allegedly self driven road (also full self driving still does not exist, but they happily will charge 5x the price for it since it was announced)

Tesla is not a good car company. Didn't know insurance was being forced to total them but it checks out.


cerialthriller t1_je1oq8f wrote

Apparently a high percentage of minor accidents damage the battery since it’s such a large part of the car foot print, almost all collisions are near the battery. There’s also a battery shortage. Not to mention all of the cameras and sensors on the Tesla, you’re going to break multiple electronics even in minor crashes. Then the lead times on the parts and the extra fees Tesla mechanics charge drive up the price more not to mention the cost of the rental you’ll need for two months while waiting for repairs. And they can get a decent amount for damaged teslas as salvage since the parts that aren’t broken on that particular one are still in short supply and outrageously priced, so it’s cheaper to just write off the fender bender and the insurance company sells off the car for parts


JBizznass t1_jdztb1y wrote

Back in the day when I changed my registration from center city to Fishtown my rates doubled and that was just an intra city move. The explanation I was given is that Fishtown has high theft rates and also high rates at damage to cars. Lots of uninsured accidents too.

Call a broker. Have them shop for you. I wound up switching and only having about a 30% increase instead of a 100% increase.

Note: you are also likely going to get walloped with your homeowners insurance next renew since there are going to be major increases across the board. Shop around.


KingOfTheNorth91 t1_je080b1 wrote

I didn't even think twice about parking my car in Fishtown. I moved up from living on Snyder where I was constantly paranoid about my car getting smashed up. After a year and a half of living in Fishtown, my car has gotten so vandalized that it's essentially totaled. I don't make a ton of money and it's an old car so I had extremely cheap insurance, but that meant they covered absolutely nothing from the vandalism. So now I'm without a car for the next few years at least because some assholes wanted to smash it up one night. On the plus side, I'm enjoying biking to work at least.


JBizznass t1_je096id wrote

I lived in Fishtown and port Richmond for a little over 6 years. During that time I had the H stolen off my Honda (WTF?), a woman who was high as a kite slam into the back of my car at a red light (unlicesened and uninsured so that was on my dime), a hit and run that smashed up the side of my car parked in front of my house (I found the MFer and made them cover the cost but it took a ton of my own time and effort), windows keyed, and, yea I know it’s minor but, someone kept stealing my dam tire valve caps! I also had a woman try to pry my window open at a Dunkin’ Donuts because I honked at her when she was about to crash into me. No obvious damage from that one but the window never quite worked right after that. So yeah… that’s why your insurance is high in fishtown. When I moved to the burbs my insurance went down by almost half.


badjezus t1_jdzp8f1 wrote

Imagine paying 5k a year in car insurance


InsiDS t1_je19nj9 wrote

Yea it blows my mind. I pay under 100/month for full coverage with State Farm.


yogaballcactus t1_je2waow wrote

I’m paying $85ish/month with I think Progressive? Idk, I shop it around every time it renews and get whoever is cheapest.

But I’m sure part of that is me owning a 15 year old Honda. The max the insurance company could be out for any crash I cause is my liability limit plus like $5k for my car. I’m sure I’d pay a lot more if they stood to lose six figures if I totaled my car.


Flyersdude17 t1_jdzwfhr wrote

No accidents since 2016 and my rates went up too it’s city living the more accidents/break ins in there area rates go up.


GodLikesToParty t1_je089a5 wrote

It’s not just city living, rates are going up in all areas because the number of accidents is going up, the severity of accidents is higher, and the combination of higher severity and higher costs due to part shortages and inflation are driving costs up


Flyersdude17 t1_je08ezw wrote

Well I’m moving to KOP Friday I’ll see if my rate drops. Hopefully.


Jabroni_Guy t1_je0fh9m wrote

It should. Your insurance agency probably won’t bring it up on their own though so push them for it.


Fourlec t1_je1hmk6 wrote

Farewell friend. Hope to be joining you soon.


MithrandirLogic t1_jdzue1b wrote

I feel for you. We paid “city rates” on two cars with zero accident history for years. When we moved out of the city I couldn’t believe we had better coverage for less than our prior 6 month rate for an entire year. The savings isn’t just from the wage tax ya know.


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MithrandirLogic t1_je2ce0a wrote

Iirc, $2,400 is about what I was paying too. It’s sometimes helpful to find an insurance broker that can do the leg work comparing rates and finding non-advertised plans for you. I’ve had luck with that too.


lofeobred t1_jdzyivb wrote

Bro that's more per month than my actual car payment how do people afford this shit


nomuggle t1_jdzum8c wrote

My insurance went up 30% from September through this month when it came up for renewal and that was a 50% increase from March 2022. No tickets, no accidents, no claims. I asked the agent and was told the reason it went up was inflation. So I shopped around and found new insurance.


generally_here t1_jdzojxp wrote

What kind of car do you drive??? My Honda CRV was like $650 for 6 months with progressive when I just renewed living in fishtown. Full coverage, but a clean driving record. Either way, look into switching companies but rates did go up for everyone recently.


Complete-Matter-3130 t1_je0uylx wrote

crv gang rise up! i have a 2002 crv in fishtown and also use progressive -- mines $414 for 6 months, but not full coverage, just maxed out like the underinsured and stuff.

progressive was like miles cheaper than the other ones i checked. Gieco especially was like an actual joke.


Kitsunani t1_jdzpnav wrote

I have USAA, clean record and it still went up by $50, gotta love it


matteroffactt t1_jdzsr6q wrote

My model Y insurance quotes have been bonkers also. Switched from progressive to AmFam via Costco and saved literally 50%. If you are a Costco member I definitely suggest checking out Connect by American Family. They appear specifically to have competitive rates for Teslas.


CerealJello t1_jdzteak wrote

I also have a Model Y. Liberty Mutual tried to jack up my rate 40% this year. The whole increase was in the collision and comp portion of the premium. I contacted my agent, and he advised that if I didn't renew and started a new plan instead, I could save a bunch. My premium ended up basically staying the same. He kind of explained that they were using a new formula for new policies in PA. Regardless, it stopped my costs from going up.


thecw t1_je05sge wrote

Moving from 19146 to 19125 my 6-month Geico rate jumped from $570 to $820. 100/300/50 + comp/collision with $1000 deductible.


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IFSEsq t1_je0kh8t wrote

that map is incredible. Can't imagine that's a function of the city but if it is where can I find more info?


TheNightmareOfHair t1_je0fyte wrote

My Geico rate was going to renew with a 40% jump. No accidents/incidents/tickets, recently or ever. If I hadn't looked into their (fairly confusing) billing documentation before renewal and given them a call to confirm, I wouldn't have even noticed until it was too late. Shopped around and the best new quote I could find (which roughly split the difference between my old rate and my new rate with Geico) was with Progressive. FYI you only get the max available discounts if you sign with them a week or more before your current policy expires.


65BlT t1_je0jlyu wrote

Insurance has always been expensive in philly, literally everyones insurance rates are going up, AND you chose to buy a car thats notoriously expensive to fix. What did you think would happen??? 😐 lol


SBRH33 t1_je0pv4o wrote

Welcome to city living.


Fattom23 t1_je0h25c wrote

I work at an agency for a different company, and my answer would be to shop around. Car insurance rates are super dependent on location and company (Allstate just might not be that competitive in Fishtown). Definitely look around and see what's out there (incidentally, at least with my company, Fairmount is a very low cost place to insure a car, at least by Philly standards).


bibbitybobbityfuck t1_je2ywv1 wrote

Gonna twiddle my thumbs some more, enjoying yet another benefit of not owning a car in this city.


[deleted] t1_jdzp2xu wrote

Allstate is expensive. Their agents make a hefty commission. I switched auto and home away from them and I’m paying 40% of my Allstate premium for slightly better coverage.


-ibgd t1_je11v2o wrote

On the other hand I switched from Geico to Allstate and I’m paying less on car insurance for more coverage and I still get a discount on house insurance.


gryklin OP t1_jdzp74z wrote

Whose your new carrier?


JennItalia269 t1_jdzxavv wrote

I also got insurance through AAA. Geico wanted about $1100 for 6mo. Got $1450 for a year. I’m in KOP so my rates are lower, but that savings was for real.


Zhuul t1_jdzqop7 wrote

Honestly shop around, I’m in Jerz but eons ago I was paying something like $200/mo for minimum liability, that went down to $80/mo for way better coverage when I switched to Progressive.

I don’t know, man. Insurance is stupid.


arslashjason t1_je0jm1p wrote

Geico tried raising my 6 month premium 30% last cycle with no changes or new claims. Nothing to do about it but shop around.


dormie1501 t1_je0jwx4 wrote

I don’t think it’s just the area. I’m out in the burbs where there’s not a lot of accidents and just had a spike. I suspect they’re doing what every company is doing and raising prices and blaming it on inflation…


Complete-Matter-3130 t1_je0u0u3 wrote

you should check around if you havent.

my quote from gieco and allstate was nearly twice what i ended up paying with progressive.

check progressive


_heisenberg__ t1_je292pn wrote

That is fucking insanity, that’s more than what my car payment was per month.

Location sure, but having a Tesla, I imagine that’s a contributing factor as to why it’s so high. The wait times for parts and repairs are notoriously long.

You really should consider having a broker help you out.


FromTheOR t1_je07r9r wrote

Insurance rates are up everywhere. Suburbs included.


mjrcu t1_je09oj8 wrote

How else are insurance companies going to recoup all that cat converter theft replacement costs?


Dashists22 t1_je0pmvt wrote

When I moved from Doylestown to Philly, my rate dropped by $27 a month. When my fiancé moved in from Conshy, hers dropped by $18.

Call around for better rates.


ILaikspace t1_je0rruf wrote

Mine raised a shit ton moving to Fishtown. I’d imagine it has to do with their assumption of high crime being next to Kensington


the_happy_atheist t1_je0tuxn wrote

Ours dropped over 1k when we moved from Miami to Fishtown. It’s based on zip code but also you might want to shop around.


Uniball38 t1_je1uv4t wrote

Do you street park that $60k car? That’ll cost a shitload in fishtown


gryklin OP t1_je1vo0v wrote



Uniball38 t1_je1w2wq wrote

Damn you’re paying a lot then. You’re older than me and I pay ~$900 for 6 months for a $40k car in CC (Costco ins)


gryklin OP t1_je1w7y6 wrote

Teslas are notoriously expensive to insure- but worth it at $1800 not $2800, will prob switch to Costco insurance


Uniball38 t1_je1wvji wrote

Yeah I mean drive what makes you happy; I’d probably have an electric car if I had my own garage to charge it in. But $900 buys a lot of gas in 6 months. $1900 even more.


dskatz2 t1_je0gyg9 wrote

Check out Clear Cover. They just became available in PA and the rates are excellent. I have better coverage than I did with Geico and it's almost half the price.


ConspicuousWhiteGuy t1_je1smz0 wrote

Agree with Clearcover. My car insurance is $430 every 6 months for a sports car. Good coverage too. 100k/300k/100k.


Lynn9330 t1_je0j6f9 wrote

Have you tried Erie? I’ve called several agencies and Erie is knowingly one of the most affordable car insurances in the area


thenightingalescode t1_je0o60o wrote

I went from 600 a year to 1500 a year moving from outside the city to fishtown.


Chunkyblamm t1_je0zhyv wrote

If you don’t drive that much being in the city you should consider pay-per-mile insurance. I’ve used Metromile for about 7 years and have no complaints at all.


CVM525 t1_je1nwdl wrote

I live in Delco and mine went up 35$ a month for zero reason


defmain t1_je4l3fo wrote

Allstate quoted me $2,064/6mo to insure a 10-year old Volkswagen. I'm surprised the Tesla is only $2800.


Fourlec t1_je1i381 wrote

My car was stolen 2 weeks ago. I hate it here sometimes.


ColdJay64 t1_je4fcrq wrote

I’m assuming it was a Hyundai or Kia?


Fourlec t1_je4iia8 wrote



ColdJay64 t1_je4sw8i wrote

I'd blame the manufacturer for being cheap, and TikTok for the Kia/Hyundai challenge more than hating Philly for it. Insurance carriers have stopped covering them in other cities because this is such a problem. Don't leave us for the burbs :(


Fourlec t1_je4tgd9 wrote

Oh, of course. I'm a rational person lol. I know the city didn't get in my car and steal it. I'm born and raised in Philly. I love Philly, however, the older I get and now with a kid on the way, I don't wan to live somewhere that makes me angry all the time. I've been getting more and more annoyed and the car was the final straw. I was able to see the car yesterday for the first time. It was absolutely wrecked. The wrote all over the seats with sharpie and just absolutely destroyed the interior before crashing it. Shit is upsetting to me man. I'm just ready for a change.