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tjw105 t1_je1ke8h wrote

This is a two sided problem both of which are self inflicted by Tesla. They drummed up a wild demand for their vehicle without being able to fulfill pending orders in any sort of reasonable time frame. And the ones that are made have almost no quality control whatsoever leading to a wide variety of issues in a short period of time.

The fact that other manufacturers have successfully entered the electric market and Tesla is still having these problems should be a warning sign to anyone thinking about going down that allegedly self driven road (also full self driving still does not exist, but they happily will charge 5x the price for it since it was announced)

Tesla is not a good car company. Didn't know insurance was being forced to total them but it checks out.


cerialthriller t1_je1oq8f wrote

Apparently a high percentage of minor accidents damage the battery since it’s such a large part of the car foot print, almost all collisions are near the battery. There’s also a battery shortage. Not to mention all of the cameras and sensors on the Tesla, you’re going to break multiple electronics even in minor crashes. Then the lead times on the parts and the extra fees Tesla mechanics charge drive up the price more not to mention the cost of the rental you’ll need for two months while waiting for repairs. And they can get a decent amount for damaged teslas as salvage since the parts that aren’t broken on that particular one are still in short supply and outrageously priced, so it’s cheaper to just write off the fender bender and the insurance company sells off the car for parts