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ell0bo t1_jcf29yc wrote

From amount of time I was told 'reader no work, you pay cash' and was driven to an ATM instead of my home, I have no sympathy for these guys. They would stop, ask where I live, and then drive away when I said 'East Falls' at the time.

Uber isn't better, agree fuck VCs, but they guys has something coming. I'm sure there's good one caught in the wash, and that sucks, but I ain't shedding a tear.


Indiana_Jawns t1_jcfcbxm wrote

The thing about that is if a taxi denies you a ride because of where you’re going you can report them and they risk having their medallion revoked. Same with driving without a working credit card machine or taking you somewhere you didn’t ask to go.

Taxis are regulated. Meanwhile the quality of the rideshares has gone way down and are worse than taxis now


Leviathant t1_jcghb4x wrote

I used to take the R5 into the city for work, never had much use for taxis, but a bunch of my colleagues had stories about having to call the cops over paying their taxi fare. And early on, "machine doesn't work" was the norm, not the exception. Yes, taxis are regulated. No, having to invoke that regulation on the regular was not a better experience.

You know what I haven't had to do since the rideshare revolution? Argue over how much I'm paying or how I'm paying it. I take a cab home from the airport every time I'm flying home. They're now cleaner, friendlier, and all around better. The taxi system overplayed their hand for a long time, and now everyone in their industry is worse off for it, but customers are better off.


krissyface t1_jcgm6sw wrote

I got into a taxi at the airport headed to the Italian market. The taxi got onto 76, took me all the way out to the zoo and then headed back into center city and down to south Philly and tried to charge me close to $100. PPA didn’t care. I filed a report and never heard anything back.