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mistersausage t1_jcfyktq wrote

if you actually care about this and have your receipt or know your trip information, call the PPA taxi hotline. They take these complaints seriously


felldestroyed t1_jcgsfi4 wrote

Based on my own experience six months ago, they certainly do not. Never got a call or email back, despite leaving 2 forms and 3 voice messages.


mistersausage t1_jchmjtd wrote

I called a couple years ago about a driver driving like a psychopath and I got a call from an investigator a day later.


felldestroyed t1_jchmw41 wrote

Mine was about an $88 fare from the airport to fishtown. And yeah, that driver making an extra 30-40$+ left a very sour taste in my mouth.


calonmawr10 t1_jcgk4f0 wrote

Unfortunately this was years ago, so that info is long gone 😕