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vivaportugalhabs t1_je4xmef wrote

More Penn Medicine apparently


alvinsharptone t1_je58yoh wrote

That's the elevator core of the building. It provides some structural support for the building and the floors get built around it.

So each of those openings is for an elevator door.


Sunset_Bleu t1_je56nky wrote

u/TheFartingKing_56 where did you take this picture? I complained about the trash in another comment, but I'm goung to see if I can go out there tomorrow and clean it up myself. I don't want to be just all talk.


TheFartingKing_56 OP t1_je5ctnx wrote

This is where S 34th Street and S University Ave connect, I'm pretty sure. Right at the intersection on the University City side. Next to the Chilled Water Facility.


nolandeluca t1_je5cbez wrote

It's next to 76 lol. It will be back daily unfortunately


ispongeyou t1_je5chyr wrote

Looks like he's standing next to the University of Pennsylvania Chilled Water Facility and the Meiklejohn Stadium.


oliver_babish t1_je58sgd wrote

And to think that there were some people here a few weeks ago carping about why oh why can't we still have the old Civic Center? CHOP/HUP are huge economic drivers for this region, and innovators for the world, and we need to help them thrive.


SlickMcFav0rit3 t1_je79uf0 wrote

As an employee of penn, I think that's all well and good but they definitely could be paying the city some property taxes as well


Sunset_Bleu t1_je52ahz wrote

Look at all that fukin trash on the ground

( a n g r y )


dtcstylez10 t1_je54y94 wrote

Have you never been to Philly?


Sunset_Bleu t1_je55bf0 wrote

You might be ok with it that we live in a landfill but I'm not. And I'm going to talk about it.


dtcstylez10 t1_je55lh2 wrote

Uh I'm clearly not either but after basically 30 years (and I'm assuming before my time), I don't think anyone cares. I mean, we do also have the violent crime issue to solve too but you'd think we'd make progress in at least one of these two over the last few decades..


Cameo345 t1_je4v9wq wrote

They're doubling the size of the existing building at 3600 Civic Center Blvd


zephyrskye t1_je6toks wrote

3600 CCB overbuild. This is my office building (well, technically, though my department mostly works from home now). It’s currently mostly Penn Medicine corporate workers in the building.

The building was designed with the intention to build additional floors down the road….which they’re doing now. I think it’s 9? Floors they’re adding and construction is going to be running until the end of 2024


Jifeeb t1_je7sojy wrote

It’ll be 17 with a 2 level mechanical penthouse….but in typical UPHS fashion, no floor numbered 13. So level 17 is floor 18, etc

Source: work for one the unsuccessful mechanical bidders. Worked on it for 8 months. To lose the job to a bunch of clowns who can’t add.


zephyrskye t1_je7uqqj wrote

Sounds right. I just didn’t feel like digging up all the documents leadership sent us before they kicked off the overbuild.

It’s been fascinating to see how fast this is going. My department was one of the first to move into the building when it opened back in 2018 and I don’t think any of us expected them to expand this soon

Sorry you lost out on the bid 😢 can’t imagine how much it must suck to put all that work in for naught


k2j2 t1_je52jzp wrote

CHOP is building a new patient tower- that may be it?


hiding_in_the_corner t1_je53c39 wrote

They're still digging down for that.


Shrewlord t1_je550kl wrote

No they aren't. They are building up the large concrete columns now.


BikerOrange t1_je64o2c wrote

There are lots..CHOP is building roughly a 30 story in front of my office on university city skyline change in 6 months…it’s phillys brooklyn 😂😂


beck33ers t1_je62i5d wrote

Welcome to my rant: Instead of building the new tower, CHOP should spend the money on care for kids in the city that actually need the health care services… (Sorry, don’t get me wrong CHOP is an amazing hospital and does beyond amazing things, but they don’t take most Medicaid insurances and their charity cases are usually from different countries.) As much as I love all of the things CHOP has done for the world, I wish they would give a little more back to their community. Instead, St. Christophers Hospital for Children in Philly is constantly on the verge of closing with financial issues because of poor Medicaid reimbursement. Legally and logistically though, St. Chris can’t close because the children would have no where to go since CHOP does not take their insurance. St. Chris was actually the better hospital until about the 1990s.

Sorry everyone, and I know I will get tons of downvotes but needed to vent a little because it’s just so aggravating. People always donate to CHOP when they have tonnnnns of money.


Dmunman t1_je6tt4b wrote

I dunno. But years ago, I saw a dapper old man sitting on a bench staring at the parking lot by civic blvd and 38th. He was confused. I asked why. He said that during ww2, that spot was penn’s radioactive dump Said it was simply a deep hole. Wondered if the construction workers had lost their hair. Hmmmmm.


ColdJay64 t1_je52ytr wrote

I can see this from my roof! Wish they were going even taller


morgierk t1_je5hkt7 wrote

The trash 🤦🏼‍♀️