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drunkcowofdeath t1_jbfwtas wrote

I'm driving through the wrong intersections. Everyone just asks me me for money. No one told me I could be getting turtles out of this.


RoverTheMonster OP t1_jbfy9si wrote

No I think you’re driving where you should be. I posted this after driving past someone selling turtles at K&A and saw the same thing last week at 34th & Girard


[deleted] t1_jbfzf0h wrote



MiniNate t1_jbgl824 wrote

Cocaine Turtle?


SouthPhilly_215 t1_jbi26wt wrote

Yeah like.. Did he see actual turtles? Or is it like saying “Big yellow bird! I got that big yellow bird!” Meaning drugs…


Ac1dBern t1_jbfytmd wrote

Came here to say this. I don't think I need to drive down to K&A just for the chance to buy a turtle though....


lorddendem t1_jbfv0py wrote

To my knowledge, they are selling turtles that are not suppose to be sold. Either illegal due to species or size.


Baron_Von_D t1_jbgdlqo wrote

Yep. Both the species and the risk of salmonella outbreaks with that size/type of turtle.


justanawkwardguy t1_jbhkaac wrote

For those unaware: reptiles bought at a store shouldn’t have any chance of salmonella. That’s more common in wild-caught animals, which these most likely are


Dashists22 t1_jbmhowa wrote

It’s very doubtful that they are coming from the wild. They aren’t very difficult to breed in captivity.


CulturalNothing t1_jbj28kp wrote

you linked to a canadian organization, i’m pretty sure red-eared sliders are fine to keep here (when bought from a legit source and not on the street of course)


Baron_Von_D t1_jbj6k8o wrote

Oop, grabbed the wrong link, but yeah it's still an invasive species.


aburke626 t1_jbi5com wrote

Please call ACCT if you see the turtles and report them!


courageous_liquid t1_jbfv6pj wrote

There used to be a turtle trap house somewhere near like 21st and federal that got shut down years ago that apparently supplied most of them, didn't realize they came back.


_mynameisclarence t1_jbg0f06 wrote

There was a time where damn near everywhere along Roosevelt boulevard there was a dude trying to sell you a turtle. This was like 10+ years ago.


courageous_liquid t1_jbg12qt wrote

Yeah I remember constantly seeing dudes on the el with them and even at lights, like at passyunk and vare


YourMooseKing t1_jbgo16c wrote

At one point my dorm room had a turtle tank with 2 turtles. As other people gave up their subway purchased turtles that number grew to 7 turtles. They lived for 8-10 years


Hanpee221b t1_jbic98w wrote

Does anyone know if you could just buy all their turtles and release them back from where they came? I feel so bad for these turtles and I’d spend some cash to just get them back home.


Nymwall t1_jbivzyw wrote

You cannot, the supply of turtles is infinite.


surfnsound t1_jbjn4fp wrote

Thanks, VSCO girls and your hydroflasks. Now look where you got us.


jbphilly t1_jbj82h1 wrote

Even if you could, these are probably invasive species that shouldn't be released into local ecosystems and there's no viable way to get them back to whatever part of the world they originate in.


Minute_Chipmunk250 t1_jbjg8l5 wrote

Yeah these are usually red-eared sliders, which are not native and will screw with the local wildlife. That's one of the huge problems with these turtle guys -- people get sick of their pets and release the turtles into local ponds, where they absolutely take over.


thereisnodevil666 t1_jbg2e9f wrote

Wasn't it ties to Kenyatta Johnson somehow? Like he sold said house for a dollar to someone using councilman prerogative?


courageous_liquid t1_jbg37w7 wrote

Sounds familiar but can't seem to find the article on google or in this subreddit. It's wild.


surferdude313 t1_jbgk2ur wrote

Dont buy turtles. They can live 20+ years, require a large tank, heating lamps, water heaters, food, filters for cleaning. My sister bought me two as a gift for Christmas 10 years ago. I have one bc the survivor killed the other. These are not pets they are commitments


flamehead2k1 t1_jbgknzb wrote

> These are not pets they are commitments

All pets are commitments!


surferdude313 t1_jbgkyyc wrote

I knew as soon as I posted that someone would say this. Yes it's true


mundotaku t1_jbgoxpk wrote

My grandma used to have one in her backyard. She used to own an acre of land and the turtle would show up every so often and thrive by itself.


LaxinPhilly t1_jbj9h0a wrote

My neighbor has a full ass Tortoise. It has its own room and isn't fully grown yet at 200 lbs. He had to have a will drawn up so he can bequeath it to someone because the Tortoise will outlive him just to even purchase the thing.

He tried to get me to inherit it and my wife was a solid "No".


cartoonboobs t1_jbgua0n wrote

I bought mine for 20$ at the Cecil b stop in 2012, it came with a little plastic tank with a palm tree. Now I have a 10 year old turtle and a 90 gallon tank that requires regular maintenance. They’re a really big commitment, I did not expect this turtle to live 4 months let alone 10 years.


SomePaddy t1_jbhbv2y wrote

>I did not expect this turtle to live 4 months let alone 10 years.

Fast forward to your grandkids telling their grandkids that your poor impulse control is the reason for the 70lb turtle in the back yard.


Toidal t1_jbjbdvo wrote

Fast forward and your great x20 grandkids can survive on their island turtle as climate change has flooded the planet


anniecatt2 t1_jbgiuo0 wrote

You’re paying way too much for turtles, who’s your turtle guy?


YourMooseKing t1_jbgo3no wrote

How much is too much for a turtle?


kdeltar t1_jbh81oj wrote

Like 10ish


SomePaddy t1_jbhb2z3 wrote

Sure, for street turtle, but I've got a turtle card so I get primo purple haze Himalayan turtles from the turtle dispensary. Sure, I've got to pay taxes on them, but they're organic and you can really lose yourself in the sworls on their shells.


Legitimate_Onion_653 t1_jbgig8h wrote

PSA please do not buy these. They can make you very sick as they carry salmonella often.


ClintBarton616 t1_jbgc7jp wrote

Never in my life as a Philadelphian has anyone ever tried to sell me a turtle at an intersection. Puppies, ferrets, weed and scalped tickets - but never turtles


avo_cado t1_jbgjsuc wrote



ClintBarton616 t1_jbgrdjf wrote

I feel like when they were all the rage there was always someone hawking them at intersections or bursting into chinese takeout joints with them


Dashists22 t1_jbgs5mk wrote

They post up at Harbison and the Blvd all summer long.


SomeOtherOrder t1_jbgorxd wrote

Of all the illegal ways to make dog shit money, this is one of the dumbest.


Yerdonsh t1_jbgaac3 wrote

Years ago we took our kids to the zoo and there was a guy selling baby turtles and Michael Jackson tee shirts at the gas station next to the zoo. Of course my kid wanted a turtle! Now I realize that baby turtles are very easy to catch along creeks and canals, red eared sliders are invasive. They are everywhere along the Schyulkill canal in Mont Claire for example.


diatriose t1_jbh2097 wrote

This always makes me so sad. It's animal abuse


pineapple-pumpkin t1_jbh8pnr wrote

I saw someone releasing a bunch of baby turtles into the water at Penn treaty park once. I couldn't tell if they were trying to save them or...?


innovasion t1_jbfzgg6 wrote

Sometimes they have hermit crabs


Dudemaintain t1_jbg6je8 wrote

I remember when it was the best pretzels ever.


pasnow t1_jbgbxd6 wrote

F'n Herb Denenberg ruining a good thing. :(


CRolandson t1_jbhqykj wrote

Better watch out or Herb Denningberg will show up at your front door. I’ll call him on you.


cracker707 t1_jbgxgl4 wrote

Jesus can humans stop bothering animals for the love of god?!! If it's not a cat or a dog it's not a pet it's a prisoner because it would leave your house if it could.


mbz321 t1_jbht49x wrote

My cat always wants to escape :(


Violet-Venom t1_jbhj4nn wrote

I saw one of these dudes at the gym recently. Just vibing on the elliptical with a kritter keeper full of baby turtles next to him.


dwsam t1_jbg7vvb wrote

Special? $10 each or 3 for $20.


Unpopular_couscous t1_jbghqsg wrote

Snakes too. I think people buy them for their kids


Wholycalamity t1_jbhlqhl wrote

Intersection near my house typically has pressed juice. Little turtles and snakes a couple of days a month. One day they had small pies. I don’t know how the sales are decided, but I am curious.


Unpopular_couscous t1_jbhm1dc wrote



Wholycalamity t1_jbhp8v8 wrote

Yup. Someone else described it on here better. Berkley & Pulaski.


Unpopular_couscous t1_jbhv3pr wrote

Yea apparently a bunch of our neighbors have been complaining to rep parker about them and about a month ago she declared "problem solved, the guys will not be back." I think cops have been doing regular checks on them and confiscating their inventory when they see them. But they're still there every day. The money must be too good to pass up


longdrive20 t1_jbgew7a wrote

They sell your the cage … ans it comes with a free turtle .. loopholes


Ng3me t1_jbgo4g4 wrote

They used to sell them at the city hall EL stop too.


g_d15 t1_jbgs34u wrote

Can confirm ive seen it somewhat recently at the city hall station


lanternfly_carcass t1_jbgvuep wrote

I'm not sure if it's connected to a few masjids or not. The guy at Berkley and Pulaski in Germantown sells turtles and lizards in spring and summer. He also sells juice. I think he's part of the masjid on Germantown ave.


MomsSpecialFriend t1_jbgugy4 wrote

I bought two off of the street a year ago. Turns out they need a ridiculous amount of care, and they are expensive to own. One already needed a surgery 🙄. I wonder if any of the other babies have survived from that day.


NoREEEEEEtilBrooklyn t1_jbhfv6w wrote

Why would someone buy them? On impulse, like my wife did. It was a mistake, they live forever, get fucking huge, and smell terrible. We ended up giving it to her weird brother who likes reptiles.


RowdySuperBigGulp t1_jbgo6o7 wrote

They used to sell them at the Roosevelt mall flea market . I bought one and the lil dude lived for over a year and a half before he went tits up.


Waru_ t1_jbheyqk wrote

I’m looking for a turtle, let me find the right intersection


jayradano t1_jbhhidc wrote

Lol this been a hustle from the streets for years now. My boy used to sell em In Camden.


mklinger23 t1_jbhkwie wrote

I grew up in the Poconos. This was relatively common. I knew people that would drive to NYC to sell them. Turtles are really easy to raise. I used to catch them in rivers and ponds. I'm assuming people can grab a few turtles and breed them. All of a sudden you have hundreds.


gregortroll t1_jbi64gb wrote

They appeared in Trenton, NJ this week.


futurelullabies t1_jbifdj5 wrote

they get them from the creeks i think. i had one and it got stolen when i left it on my porch.

rip speedy.


Blackcameleopard t1_jbj81jx wrote

Is the turtle soup scene back? Galapagos tortoises took forever to be properly classified because they were so incredibly delicious apparently


DFHartzell t1_jbjcyv2 wrote

I buy one every time. Turtles are the next big thing.


P8ntba1141 t1_jbjok3j wrote

I know someone who bought some red sliders in this manner. They are Philly turtles with a Philly attitude straight up, one ended up eating the other while they had abundant food and space.

Edit: Posted this tragedy to just let everyone know, think before you buy street turtles. They are a big responsibility.


casp514 t1_jbkarl4 wrote

I got one as a kid outside the zoo. It was Memorial Day Weekend 2008. That turtle is still alive, is female (has laid eggs), and is named Shelley. She's pretty cute and lives in my grandfather's spare bathtub in the winter, and a stock tank in the backyard in the summer. I would not recommend having a red eared slider or really any turtle as a pet to anyone that doesn't already like herps... like a lot.

Edit: I also specifically wouldn't buy a street turtle, like others have mentioned there's a big Salmonella problem, unethical breeding, and they're illegal to own as they're an invasive species


ScoutG t1_jbr2af1 wrote

I saw someone carrying one around 16th and Market the other day.