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RoverTheMonster t1_jdcf6pk wrote

>Even when dealing with non-profit business improvement districts (BIDs) that do neighborhood street cleaning, the city tries to avoid picking up privately collected trash, said Bryan Fenstermaker, CEO of the City Avenue Special Services District and a member of the Philly BID Alliance. As a result, BIDs that collect substantial amounts of litter often hire private haulers at their own expense.

Hmm…I wonder if this will lead to more scrutiny of how much trash BIDs are collecting/bagging for city pickup. I’m thinking of the FCDC on Girard in Brewerytown, for example, which collects probably dozens of bags worth of trash between College Ave and 29th M-F of each week


Mike81890 t1_jdd7c6a wrote

That's fucking infuriating. "tries to avoid picking up privately collected trash."

So we'll leave it on the street. Great.