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CerealJello t1_jdckpdr wrote

I don't know how the trash collectors will know the bags of litter were picked up by Glitter or a private citizen. They default pick up the day before trash day, so it will be picked up the next day. You can opt to hold the bags on your own property and put them out the next week with trash pick-up though. Either way, I don't see how they're gonna know. It seems like a silly dispute when it inarguably makes the city a better place to live.


hatramroany t1_jdcpune wrote

They were making special trips/stops specifically for Glitter pickup. They can just drop them off on any street with trash pickup that day and problem solved. This feels like such a nonissue.


c4seyj0nes t1_jddv5sg wrote

The article says the Glitter cleanup was scheduled for the day after trash pickup because those are the days with the most litter. So the Streets Dept was hitting the block once for regular pickup then again for Glitter pickup.


CerealJello t1_jddvfr8 wrote

Maybe that's out of date. I just signed my block up for Glitter last week, and they said by default they come the day before pickup. They give you the option for them to come the day after pickup, but someone on the block needs to hold bags until the next trash day.

Maybe they changed it knowing that this response from the city was coming.