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tough_ledi t1_jdeoh2x wrote

Why doesn't glitter just develop a part of the program where it picks up the trash bags at the end of each day to haul directly to the dump? I understand why the union has issues with the union members handling trash outside of its agreed-upon terms and conditions. So glitter could just get a pick-up truck and go around and grab the trash from designated areas itself, eh?


bpousley t1_jdet3fh wrote

We've certainly considered it. But we prefer to keep fewer trucks on the road, keep costs low, and hold the city responsible for the litter and trash caused by their lack of good services.

But it's definitely an option!


LowPermission9 t1_jdhekvc wrote

This really should be the responsibility of the businesses that generate so much trash with their disposable packaging. Many municipalities cannot keep up with the mountains of trash generated every single day. I agree that sanitation should be a public service, but it’s not the city that is generating all of the garbage.


tough_ledi t1_jdhtk36 wrote

The article states that businesses that generate a certain amount of trash must pay for a private company to collect their trash, and that the city does not do it for them.


tough_ledi t1_jdexb4k wrote

Hmm. I doubt that a few additional trucks would make that big of a difference to anything in Philly or really anywhere in America. I also think that maybe then the org should just go into lobbying, if it's really just about holding the city accountable. There is a creative solution here that involves not having the contracts of city (& tax payer funded) unionized workers' contracts violated, whilst also not creating a culture war of for-profit private organizations pitted against the city government.