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reemalasvegas t1_jduthgg wrote

Fairly new to the Philly area and looking for a condo/rental. I’ve been thinking of buying or renting in the Brewerytown area (specifically Otto on the Park). Just wondering what the skinny is on this neighborhood? Safety-wise, things to do. Would you recommend/not recommend and why? I like the feel of the area, but it feels a little quiet.


Churrasco_fan t1_jdvb8my wrote

If you're looking in Brewerytown I would rent first to see if you like it before you go and buy anything. It's "gentrifying" but still very rough around the edges. Crime is an issue and the area is resource starved - inconsistent trash pickup, no post office, lousy schools (if that matters), limited public trans

My wife and I moved there with the intention of buying and rented for 5 years. We watched the value disappear as prices rose and ended up moving after generally hating our experience in the neighborhood. So that would be my recommendation, try it before you buy it


ragged-claws t1_jdv6fh5 wrote

I rent in one of the new buildings nearby and I don't hate it. It's definitely on the bleeding edge of gentrification--lots of folks in their 20s walking dogs, relatively quiet at night, but someone's busted my car window twice in less than six months and there's broken tempered glass all over the road. If you have a car and paying for parking is an option for you, consider it.

There's a new food hall down 31st and a handful of restaurants and shops on Girard, and you could walk to the art museum and definitely Fairmount Park, but it's kind of a pain in the ass to get to other neighborhoods via public transportation. It's a relatively easy trip to the Amtrak station via car, though.

Is quiet something you want? Really depends on what you're after, whether it's recommended or not. I'll say I'm going to keep an eye on apartment listings for when my lease is up but I wouldn't be heartbroken to sign for another year here.


RoverTheMonster t1_jdwikif wrote

Have lived in Brewerytown for 6 years, work in the neighborhood, and am involved in the civic association. I seriously considered buying one of those Otto condos because I like the neighborhood (proximity to Fairmount Park, IMO ease of access to the Parkway and Center City without living there, enough variety of local restaurants and spots to grab a drink, I like my neighbors, etc.), but I ultimately lost out on the unit I wanted.

I agree with others about trying before you buy into the neighborhood here because each block can give you a wildly different experience. That part has changed a lot quickly and it seems like a fine place to live and invest in — there is new dining, a community center type place for new moms, a youth dance studio, and a summer youth sports league at the park right there — but it’s definitely not for everyone (see: late-night summer parties at the park and the nonsense that people have to deal with on the 1400 block of Corlies). You’ll still have to confront some of the stuff that comes with living in a historically redlined part of North Philly that was hit hard by the crack epidemic in the 90s-2000s and recently gained hundreds of “luxury” rental units, but I sort of feel like that’s true of many places just beyond Center City


mortgagepants t1_jdv927x wrote

if you're looking to buy that is a great spot. you can still get a pretty good deal, and in 5 years it will be very expensive.