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nooksucks t1_jdv7lry wrote

If my lease at a new place starts the day after the lease at my current one ends what should I do in between? Or is the practice generally to get an earlier lease at the new one so there's some overlap


hdhcnsnd t1_jdv8sv1 wrote

I usually shoot for a few days of overlap. Sometimes that’s hard to do and I end up with a few weeks of overlap.


MRDoc2727 t1_jdvcxg9 wrote

If you have no overlap, you can order a PODS pod instead of a uhaul, fill it up and schedule its delivery for a few days later when you have the lease on the new place.


afdc92 t1_jdvbo8e wrote

With my last move I had some overlap (new lease started about 5 days before my old lease was up) and that worked out really well. I’ve had friends who had from a couple of days to a couple of weeks between leases and the one who didn’t have a SO/friends/parent in the burbs to stay with got an AirBnB for a few nights until he could officially move in.


NotCandied t1_jdvjgp2 wrote

I’ve usually had good luck with asking my current landlord to stay a couple of days extra. I usually pose it as I want a couple of days to get the place cleaned up for them. I offer to pay prorated rent for the extra days, but they usually don’t take you up on that. You can also ask the place you’re moving into. Usually the place is sitting empty for a while after cleaning and repairs.