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Chimpskibot t1_jdv8cs4 wrote

Really depends on your lifestyle and price range. This question is really open ended. Pretty much all of the nice parts (amenities, schools, SFH) of Montgomery/Delaware/Chester County are going to be expensive relative to most of Metro ATL except maybe Sandy Springs, Buckhead, etc. If you do decide to work in Bala I would prioritize access to route 30 over taking 76 to City Line Ave for your own sanity.


afdc92 t1_jdvaeu9 wrote

76 to City Line Ave is an absolute nightmare, I second avoiding this if at all possible.


Yondu_the_Ravager t1_jdv9xah wrote

Thanks! Are there any areas in particular we should look in? Our budget for a house is up to $350-400k or so. On paper we like the Drexel Hill area as it seems like a nice area that also has some homes in our price range.


Chimpskibot t1_jdwewoe wrote

Drexel Hill is fine if you don't mind being closer to poorer areas in Upper Darby Township such as near 69th street. It is an extremely diverse and middle class neighborhood with really good connectivity to the city and Bala Cynwyd. My only gripe with UD township is the property taxes vs quality of housing stock, but that is very common in older bedroom communities in the NE.


PollenThighs t1_jdwugly wrote

Not entirely true, there's some really nice houses in Drexel Hill the further west you go. You can find plenty of houses just ten minutes away from 69th that do not feel as though you live next to 69th.


Chimpskibot t1_jdx9uq5 wrote

For sure. But Philly and its suburbs are way more compact unlike ATL so seeing poverty and where poor people live is pretty unavoidable even if you are only 10 min away. It's simply a heads up.