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letthepumpkinroll t1_jdvatzs wrote

How is the area at 5th and McKean? I’ve been living in Philly for about 5 years in Bella Vista and am looking to buy a house down there. Old posts suggest it is unsafe, wondering if it’s changed at all. Thank you!


mklinger23 t1_jdvcn4f wrote

Between 9th and 3rd can be a little rough in that area tbh. It's not terrible, but it's not somewhere I'm gonna move.


letthepumpkinroll t1_jdvevg7 wrote

Thank you! I love Bella Vista and East Passyunk, but sadly there’s no houses within my budget there. Also looking into Pennsport, will definitely consider that more.


WhyNotKenGaburo t1_jdvszw3 wrote

Check out West of Broad up to around 16th between Tasker and Mifflin. Price drop quite a bit once you cross broad but it's still super close to East Passyunk.


HyenaPowerful8263 t1_jdvl8fo wrote

What are you looking for as far as a home purchase? This area has a lot of potential and you’re right on the 57 line/ close to the park and some really great restaurants and coffee shops


letthepumpkinroll t1_jdvmov0 wrote

Safety, affordability and walkability. Looking at homes around the $300,000 range. I was also thinking the same thing, even if it’s a rougher area now, it seems to be improving as East Passyunk is pushing west and with Pennsport to the east.


CookedDenimRawPizza t1_jdvswoc wrote

It’s fine, if a bit grody on some corners. I guess my only other thing I would say is that it is just a bit of a dead zone.

IMO, if you care about Passyunk access, I would look south of Snyder west of 9th. There is some great value for homes and the proximity to the BSL/Passyunk is huge.


Chimpskibot t1_jdvn97z wrote

Perfectly fine neighborhood. Mainly working class hispanics and SEA. If you're on Moyamensing try Taste of Punjab. They just opened and the food is amazing. Most of reddit thinks a neighborhood is unsafe if they don't see goldendoodles and lululemon leggings.