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decentchinesefood t1_jdvixh1 wrote

And we became buds in the process! Super happy for you, and thanks for the kind words! :)


NoNameWalrus t1_jdw2knm wrote

Do you help with rentals too or only buying?


decentchinesefood t1_jdw3rk9 wrote

I'm in a particular season where I feel - just for now - that I can't give renters my full level of service. I pride myself on giving nothing but my absolute best, and while it pains me to say I can't take on renters for the time being, it pains me more to promise to help a renter, only to feel like I'm failing them.

All this to say: yes, in general. But not at this instant. I do have a few resources to point you toward, though. DM me!


NoNameWalrus t1_jdwgyqj wrote

Curious what it is about right now that means you can’t give your absolute best. I understand the sentiment, but wondering is that due to something about the current rental market, or otherwise?

I’ll dm you. Thanks!


_jeremybearimy_ t1_je14q7v wrote

Idk but last summer a rental agent was saying last year was the worst he'd ever seen the market in Philly. Lots of issues leftover from covid (many different factors but one he mentioned is people are looking for different things than they were pre-covid and there just isn't enough stock for that).