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No_Committee4 t1_jdvjxw4 wrote

Moving to Rittenhouse next month. Any restaurant suggestions / good places to grab a beer?


CookedDenimRawPizza t1_jdvsf05 wrote

Monk’s is by far the best if you care about the beer itself, but I don’t find it super pleasant to hang out at for a long time. Don’t get me wrong though, you should definitely try it out .

I’ll also second Good Dog which has a good beer selection and is a nice hangout.

Would also suggest Ten Stone and Grace Tavern for nice chill corner bar experience.


Fine-Confidence4792 t1_jdvswlt wrote

Ten Stone +1. Oscar’s on Sansom.


CookedDenimRawPizza t1_jdvuaqm wrote

I miss living by Ten Stone so much. It hits a nice medium where it is nicer than a dive bar, but still a cozy, not a pretentious joint.


Fine-Confidence4792 t1_jdvxbl2 wrote

Only occasionally crowded. Most of the time we can find a table. Staff is wonderful. Lot of regular customers.


TheAdamist t1_jdvoypa wrote

Monks cafe is the #1 spot to get a beer in philly and happens to be right nearby Rittenhouse. They are also known for their mussels and frites. I prefer the duck.

Other spots to checkout in Rittenhouse: jose pistolas, black sheep, good dog, fado, misconduct. Fado clientele will vary greatly depending when you go, im told its a college bar in the evening, but i usually meet European soccer fans there earlier on the weekends.


Pfizer-Gang t1_jdy5r7f wrote

That area is rich with great restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. but it’s pricey (comes with the neighborhood) but buses will take you down into south Philly and the food scene is cheaper and maybe even better.


thecw t1_je06l83 wrote

Literally anywhere. Walk up Walnut Street and take your pick.