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SickJanFromHnRBlock t1_jdwbvgx wrote

Looking to move to Philly this year. I have a remote job, so my employment is secure and I don't need to worry about a commute. I may be attending a grad program at Temple in 2024, but it's a remote program. I could probably afford around $1000/month for rent, but preferably a little less. I have close friends living in Baltimore as well. I'm in my mid-late 20s and I love big cities, and I do have some experience navigating them (and plenty of experience with public transit).

I'm still learning about the neighborhoods and I plan to take a trip to Philly before moving, but does anyone have a neighborhood they recommend living in? I love being close to parks, museums, restaurants, etc. I would prefer a lower crime rate but I can navigate that if needed.- Thank you!


trifflinmonk t1_jdwnafq wrote

With your budget and desire for parks and restaurants, i would recommend west philly (spruce hill, cedar park), brewerytown or fairmount (pricier). All are close to 30th street too so you can get to friends in baltimore easily. Depending your situation, i would recommend finding some roommates, would open up more options.