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ColdJay64 t1_jdwhnvt wrote

I live one street over between Oakford and Federal - though I just got here in December so I don't have a summer under my belt yet. That said, I really like it so far. Everyone I interact with in the neighborhood has been very nice, there are a lot of businesses opening on Washington, and it's a quick walk to plenty of places in Grad Hospital/South Street. Street parking is actually pretty easy, there are a lot of non-permit areas with spaces even late at night. OCF Coffee, Porco's/Small Oven Pastry Shop, and Dock Street Brewery are all a very short walk, and I feel fine walking outside at night.

The cons are that the area is still a little rough around the edges. The corner store at 23rd and Oakford usually has people hanging outside (though they haven't bothered me), I've heard about package theft (again hasn't happened to me), and depending on your block there can be lots of kids playing outside which is just bad from a noise perspective. Parts of Point Breeze are also just pretty drab.

Overall it's a good vibe. Lots of young people and families pushing strollers. If your friend is used to city living and also looking at Bonsall between Federal and Oakford, I think they would be fine. Still - I would actually think this is a better spot to buy due to the changes happening in the next couple years as opposed to renting, where they might want more amenities now. Is budget keeping them from Grad Hospital?

Sorry for the long-winded response!