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Altruistic_Ice_1666 t1_jdx0pl1 wrote

(Posting this again because the other thread was old) I'm moving into an apartment in the city soon and found a place I really like on south street between front and second. I've heard that south street can be a little dangerous at times. Is this true for all of south street or is it more concentrated in certain areas?


TheAdamist t1_jdxjax4 wrote

It gets crowded and rowdy when it starts to get warm in the evenings on south street. If the atvs show up makes things out of control. There was a mass shooting at 4th and south, and others nearby.

I would personally not live on south im too old for the summer shenanigans there. If you were several floors up, and away from any bars, maybe its worth it.


Pfizer-Gang t1_jdy5a04 wrote

It’s just as dangerous as any other place that creates crowds of drunk people. The shooting the person mentioned started as an argument between 2 groups of drunk people. Go figure.

Edit: best nightlife scene in Philly if you’re into that. I live a few blocks north and get the drunk people walking by in the early morning lol


blinchik2020 t1_je0hv93 wrote

Lots of teenagers making a ruckus down there. They used to knock out people randomly in the 2010s. I wouldn’t live there if I could live elsewhere in CC.


tellatella t1_je0z7cv wrote

If you value quiet you wont enjoy it from Thursday night - Sunday night. Its not particularly "dangerous" but quality of life stuff can get annoying (trash, noise, stolen packages, etc). Other then that you have Society Hill/Old City to the north and Queen Village to the south so its easy to get around. Parking will suck as well but thats par for south philly in general.