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reemalasvegas t1_jduthgg wrote

Fairly new to the Philly area and looking for a condo/rental. I’ve been thinking of buying or renting in the Brewerytown area (specifically Otto on the Park). Just wondering what the skinny is on this neighborhood? Safety-wise, things to do. Would you recommend/not recommend and why? I like the feel of the area, but it feels a little quiet.


Indiana_Jawns t1_jduyqwf wrote

Can we get a mega thread for news/updates/questions about the water situation


Nznnki t1_jduzmp1 wrote

We recently moved around 17th and Mifflin st and wondering if its safe around to walk. Any suggestions to avoid any street or blocks?


Yondu_the_Ravager t1_jdv2tvj wrote

Potentially moving to the Philadelphia area this summer. What should I know about the city and the surrounding area before moving that others might not mention?

For reference of where I’ll be around the city, I have a potential job lined up in Bala Cynwyd, and we’re looking for houses really in any of the suburbs around the city, even up towards the Pottstown area. Any pointers on the best suburbs to move to?

Most resources when discussing the pros and cons of Philly mention of course the traffic, infrastructure, and parking situation as well as the higher crime within the city proper. I would be moving up from Atlanta, if anyone potentially has the ability to compare the two cities, especially comparing traffic because ATL traffic sucks hard but I also know ATL is wayyyyyy more car dependent of a city than Philly is.

Any and all insight is welcome!


bfmcgo2 t1_jdv5k5g wrote

Lived in ATL for two years; driving isn’t as bad in Philly. There are people who drive maniacally at times, but it’s not as frightening as 75/85. I also don’t need to drive anywhere near as much in Philly (but I live within the city, so suburbs are a different story).


mmw2848 t1_jdv680x wrote

My 2-bedroom apartment in Ardsley (Glenside) should be getting posted soon. We have a friend who is potentially moving in but if he doesn't work out, I can try and send the link once it's posted. We pay $1250 but I think the rent is going up a bit. It's a 5-min walk to the train and a 5-minute drive to Glenside station, which has two trains. Also very close to Jenkintown station, which has 3 trains. It'd be available in June.


ragged-claws t1_jdv6fh5 wrote

I rent in one of the new buildings nearby and I don't hate it. It's definitely on the bleeding edge of gentrification--lots of folks in their 20s walking dogs, relatively quiet at night, but someone's busted my car window twice in less than six months and there's broken tempered glass all over the road. If you have a car and paying for parking is an option for you, consider it.

There's a new food hall down 31st and a handful of restaurants and shops on Girard, and you could walk to the art museum and definitely Fairmount Park, but it's kind of a pain in the ass to get to other neighborhoods via public transportation. It's a relatively easy trip to the Amtrak station via car, though.

Is quiet something you want? Really depends on what you're after, whether it's recommended or not. I'll say I'm going to keep an eye on apartment listings for when my lease is up but I wouldn't be heartbroken to sign for another year here.


Yondu_the_Ravager t1_jdv6tb7 wrote

Sorta what I expected to be the answer about traffic. Like yeah Philly has 3x the people of ATL but also Atlanta is a wayyyyyyy more car dependent city than Philly. MARTA is a complete joke haha

Thanks for the insight!


l_a_ga t1_jdv76v8 wrote

I used to go to ATL regularly for work and omg the traffic 😂 we have that here but also have better option. BC is a nice area, would suggest living near work out there for a reasonable commute and less daily stress. There is a train line that’s between 20-40 mins that does BC to CC which is a nice option to have for day in city or going to a show, etc. And an Uber back out later in evening wouldn’t be a bank breaker.


nooksucks t1_jdv7lry wrote

If my lease at a new place starts the day after the lease at my current one ends what should I do in between? Or is the practice generally to get an earlier lease at the new one so there's some overlap


Chimpskibot t1_jdv8cs4 wrote

Really depends on your lifestyle and price range. This question is really open ended. Pretty much all of the nice parts (amenities, schools, SFH) of Montgomery/Delaware/Chester County are going to be expensive relative to most of Metro ATL except maybe Sandy Springs, Buckhead, etc. If you do decide to work in Bala I would prioritize access to route 30 over taking 76 to City Line Ave for your own sanity.


Yondu_the_Ravager t1_jdv9xah wrote

Thanks! Are there any areas in particular we should look in? Our budget for a house is up to $350-400k or so. On paper we like the Drexel Hill area as it seems like a nice area that also has some homes in our price range.


letthepumpkinroll t1_jdvatzs wrote

How is the area at 5th and McKean? I’ve been living in Philly for about 5 years in Bella Vista and am looking to buy a house down there. Old posts suggest it is unsafe, wondering if it’s changed at all. Thank you!


Churrasco_fan t1_jdvb8my wrote

If you're looking in Brewerytown I would rent first to see if you like it before you go and buy anything. It's "gentrifying" but still very rough around the edges. Crime is an issue and the area is resource starved - inconsistent trash pickup, no post office, lousy schools (if that matters), limited public trans

My wife and I moved there with the intention of buying and rented for 5 years. We watched the value disappear as prices rose and ended up moving after generally hating our experience in the neighborhood. So that would be my recommendation, try it before you buy it


afdc92 t1_jdvbo8e wrote

With my last move I had some overlap (new lease started about 5 days before my old lease was up) and that worked out really well. I’ve had friends who had from a couple of days to a couple of weeks between leases and the one who didn’t have a SO/friends/parent in the burbs to stay with got an AirBnB for a few nights until he could officially move in.


jetset1111 t1_jdvc70w wrote

We moved back up north to be closer to family from Roswell to Central Bucks a few months ago.

Pros about moving from GA to PA based on my experience:

  • From a traffic/congestion standpoint, it’s nothing crazy compared to the 400/285 lane closures.
  • My husband and I always felt like ATL wasn’t as walkable as Philly. For example, we’d have to drive from PCM <> aquarium <> krog st <> battery. But with PHL, it’s much easier to just take the septa to explore Center City (Rittenhouse <> Old City <> museum district).
  • I miss the cleanliness of Hartsfield Jackson but there’s a lot more direct flights for international destinations at PHL and EWR.
  • There’s also Amtrak at 30th St. Station so you can take it directly to NY or Boston.
  • Closer to the beach! Instead of going down to 30a, we’re able to go down the shore for a day trip.
  • We also found that the property taxes are cheaper in Bucks county compared to Roswell.

Congrats on the job! PA is a great place to move to and I’ve heard great things about Montgomery County as well (which might be more suitable for your commute to the PHL)


whoyoufoowing t1_jdveajf wrote

Does anyone go to the City fitness Graduate hospital ? Thinking of signing up wanted some insight on crowds, staff and cleanliness of place

Also thinking of the YMCA in the area if anyone goes there as well

Thanks !


flassy_12 t1_jdvfj99 wrote

Does the PPA come out to give a ticket in the 19116 area if you submit a request? A car that’s parked is blocking the walkways and I don’t wanna call 911


djmuaddib t1_jdvi7c5 wrote

For those of you looking to buy in Philly, I have to put in a quick plug for u/decentchinesefood who has to be one of the best agents in the city. I posted in the Moving Mondays thread on 02/13 and he got right in touch with helpful info. We were looking at houses by that weekend and, I'm not kidding, we're closing next Monday on a beautiful place in West Mt. Airy. That's literally like 7 weeks from looking to closing. No pressure, knew how to navigate bidding wars sensibly in a seller's market, candid about the condition/value of houses, savvy, kind. Can't recommend him enough.


NotCandied t1_jdvjgp2 wrote

I’ve usually had good luck with asking my current landlord to stay a couple of days extra. I usually pose it as I want a couple of days to get the place cleaned up for them. I offer to pay prorated rent for the extra days, but they usually don’t take you up on that. You can also ask the place you’re moving into. Usually the place is sitting empty for a while after cleaning and repairs.


No_Committee4 t1_jdvjxw4 wrote

Moving to Rittenhouse next month. Any restaurant suggestions / good places to grab a beer?


letthepumpkinroll t1_jdvmov0 wrote

Safety, affordability and walkability. Looking at homes around the $300,000 range. I was also thinking the same thing, even if it’s a rougher area now, it seems to be improving as East Passyunk is pushing west and with Pennsport to the east.


Chimpskibot t1_jdvn97z wrote

Perfectly fine neighborhood. Mainly working class hispanics and SEA. If you're on Moyamensing try Taste of Punjab. They just opened and the food is amazing. Most of reddit thinks a neighborhood is unsafe if they don't see goldendoodles and lululemon leggings.


TheAdamist t1_jdvoypa wrote

Monks cafe is the #1 spot to get a beer in philly and happens to be right nearby Rittenhouse. They are also known for their mussels and frites. I prefer the duck.

Other spots to checkout in Rittenhouse: jose pistolas, black sheep, good dog, fado, misconduct. Fado clientele will vary greatly depending when you go, im told its a college bar in the evening, but i usually meet European soccer fans there earlier on the weekends.


leninluvr t1_jdvqku9 wrote

I used to go, clean but cramped. Staff are generally fine but I jumped through some hoops to get a lower monthly rate (they have a little punch card and if you do all the dumb shit you get 10 bucks off your membership) and it was a hassle, dealing with their middle management trying to body shame you into buying personal training. I would try the Y.


CookedDenimRawPizza t1_jdvsf05 wrote

Monk’s is by far the best if you care about the beer itself, but I don’t find it super pleasant to hang out at for a long time. Don’t get me wrong though, you should definitely try it out .

I’ll also second Good Dog which has a good beer selection and is a nice hangout.

Would also suggest Ten Stone and Grace Tavern for nice chill corner bar experience.


OfferComfortable2067 t1_jdvsr8q wrote

My husband received a jury duty summons for May 1. We have a trip booked for May 3 - May 10. He already postponed jury duty from back in December due to a work deadline. We can cancel the hotel for a full refund up until a week before, but not our flights (~$900). Is there a way to postpone it again or be excused? Very nervous he’ll get pulled on to a trial that will last more than 2 days.


CookedDenimRawPizza t1_jdvswoc wrote

It’s fine, if a bit grody on some corners. I guess my only other thing I would say is that it is just a bit of a dead zone.

IMO, if you care about Passyunk access, I would look south of Snyder west of 9th. There is some great value for homes and the proximity to the BSL/Passyunk is huge.


CockercombeTuff t1_jdvswrx wrote

I have a friend moving from out of state with her boyfriend and considering a rental on Bonsall just north of Wharton Square in Point Breeze. I know the area is rapidly changing with money but also kinda block to block.

Anyone familiar with the blocks over there? Safety, vibe, etc?


climb2littlewaterfal t1_jdvumg5 wrote

Moving to Philly from out of state. I have an unusual request I will be moving my belongings and then traveling for a while. I am looking for someone to take care of my house plants in the interim. I have ~20, the biggest is a 5' fiddle leaf fig and the others are all small. Does anyone have advice? Thanks


NoNameWalrus t1_jdw2bod wrote

I think I may have just toured that house!

Closer to federal street is better from what I’ve heard. I don’t want to live in the area personally for other reasons, but I don’t think that immediate area is too bad at all


decentchinesefood t1_jdw3rk9 wrote

I'm in a particular season where I feel - just for now - that I can't give renters my full level of service. I pride myself on giving nothing but my absolute best, and while it pains me to say I can't take on renters for the time being, it pains me more to promise to help a renter, only to feel like I'm failing them.

All this to say: yes, in general. But not at this instant. I do have a few resources to point you toward, though. DM me!


SickJanFromHnRBlock t1_jdwbvgx wrote

Looking to move to Philly this year. I have a remote job, so my employment is secure and I don't need to worry about a commute. I may be attending a grad program at Temple in 2024, but it's a remote program. I could probably afford around $1000/month for rent, but preferably a little less. I have close friends living in Baltimore as well. I'm in my mid-late 20s and I love big cities, and I do have some experience navigating them (and plenty of experience with public transit).

I'm still learning about the neighborhoods and I plan to take a trip to Philly before moving, but does anyone have a neighborhood they recommend living in? I love being close to parks, museums, restaurants, etc. I would prefer a lower crime rate but I can navigate that if needed.- Thank you!


ElectricTiger391 t1_jdwdhdc wrote

That's too bad, I go to the East Passyunk location and it's great, I got my free Thrive session when I signed up and besides for like three texts sent over the course of the last year I have not been bugged by the staff about changing my membership plan.


Chimpskibot t1_jdwewoe wrote

Drexel Hill is fine if you don't mind being closer to poorer areas in Upper Darby Township such as near 69th street. It is an extremely diverse and middle class neighborhood with really good connectivity to the city and Bala Cynwyd. My only gripe with UD township is the property taxes vs quality of housing stock, but that is very common in older bedroom communities in the NE.


Yondu_the_Ravager t1_jdwgr7e wrote

Thanks for such a comprehensive response! This sort of confirmed a lot of what I assumed about the area and it’s quirks.

I absolutely can feel the difference in taxes and in general cost of living between the two even just looking at house prices; the same home with the same down payment will be several hundreds of dollars more in ATL than Philly.

I really love how accessible the city is and the surrounding areas with public transportation. Me and my wife love traveling and taking short weekends, so having such large and diverse cities so close by would be fantastic.

Really we’ve been checking all the surrounding counties for houses and then calculating the distance the commute would be to my potential job. So far, we like Delaware and Montgomery county the most, but have also found some nice homes in Bucks and Chester counties.


NoNameWalrus t1_jdwgyqj wrote

Curious what it is about right now that means you can’t give your absolute best. I understand the sentiment, but wondering is that due to something about the current rental market, or otherwise?

I’ll dm you. Thanks!


ColdJay64 t1_jdwhnvt wrote

I live one street over between Oakford and Federal - though I just got here in December so I don't have a summer under my belt yet. That said, I really like it so far. Everyone I interact with in the neighborhood has been very nice, there are a lot of businesses opening on Washington, and it's a quick walk to plenty of places in Grad Hospital/South Street. Street parking is actually pretty easy, there are a lot of non-permit areas with spaces even late at night. OCF Coffee, Porco's/Small Oven Pastry Shop, and Dock Street Brewery are all a very short walk, and I feel fine walking outside at night.

The cons are that the area is still a little rough around the edges. The corner store at 23rd and Oakford usually has people hanging outside (though they haven't bothered me), I've heard about package theft (again hasn't happened to me), and depending on your block there can be lots of kids playing outside which is just bad from a noise perspective. Parts of Point Breeze are also just pretty drab.

Overall it's a good vibe. Lots of young people and families pushing strollers. If your friend is used to city living and also looking at Bonsall between Federal and Oakford, I think they would be fine. Still - I would actually think this is a better spot to buy due to the changes happening in the next couple years as opposed to renting, where they might want more amenities now. Is budget keeping them from Grad Hospital?

Sorry for the long-winded response!


RoverTheMonster t1_jdwikif wrote

Have lived in Brewerytown for 6 years, work in the neighborhood, and am involved in the civic association. I seriously considered buying one of those Otto condos because I like the neighborhood (proximity to Fairmount Park, IMO ease of access to the Parkway and Center City without living there, enough variety of local restaurants and spots to grab a drink, I like my neighbors, etc.), but I ultimately lost out on the unit I wanted.

I agree with others about trying before you buy into the neighborhood here because each block can give you a wildly different experience. That part has changed a lot quickly and it seems like a fine place to live and invest in — there is new dining, a community center type place for new moms, a youth dance studio, and a summer youth sports league at the park right there — but it’s definitely not for everyone (see: late-night summer parties at the park and the nonsense that people have to deal with on the 1400 block of Corlies). You’ll still have to confront some of the stuff that comes with living in a historically redlined part of North Philly that was hit hard by the crack epidemic in the 90s-2000s and recently gained hundreds of “luxury” rental units, but I sort of feel like that’s true of many places just beyond Center City


trifflinmonk t1_jdwnafq wrote

With your budget and desire for parks and restaurants, i would recommend west philly (spruce hill, cedar park), brewerytown or fairmount (pricier). All are close to 30th street too so you can get to friends in baltimore easily. Depending your situation, i would recommend finding some roommates, would open up more options.


sourchelly t1_jdwrcqm wrote

Just moved to Philly and need to decorate my place! Any local artists or shops with cool decor I should check out? Would like to support local instead of just ordering online. Thanks for any recommendations!


PollenThighs t1_jdwugly wrote

Not entirely true, there's some really nice houses in Drexel Hill the further west you go. You can find plenty of houses just ten minutes away from 69th that do not feel as though you live next to 69th.


Altruistic_Ice_1666 t1_jdx0pl1 wrote

(Posting this again because the other thread was old) I'm moving into an apartment in the city soon and found a place I really like on south street between front and second. I've heard that south street can be a little dangerous at times. Is this true for all of south street or is it more concentrated in certain areas?


TheAdamist t1_jdxjax4 wrote

It gets crowded and rowdy when it starts to get warm in the evenings on south street. If the atvs show up makes things out of control. There was a mass shooting at 4th and south, and others nearby.

I would personally not live on south im too old for the summer shenanigans there. If you were several floors up, and away from any bars, maybe its worth it.


afrojunkie t1_jdxk1l5 wrote

I’m moving to South Philly soon, and am really, really excited about it. Pretty familiar with the city as a whole but not too versed with the neighborhood I’ll be living in (closely north of Passyunk Ave, what I assume is between Point Breeze and West Passyunk). Any guidance, pointers, general things to know about South Philly and this area?


Pfizer-Gang t1_jdy5a04 wrote

It’s just as dangerous as any other place that creates crowds of drunk people. The shooting the person mentioned started as an argument between 2 groups of drunk people. Go figure.

Edit: best nightlife scene in Philly if you’re into that. I live a few blocks north and get the drunk people walking by in the early morning lol


Pfizer-Gang t1_jdy5r7f wrote

That area is rich with great restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. but it’s pricey (comes with the neighborhood) but buses will take you down into south Philly and the food scene is cheaper and maybe even better.


Past_Reply_7361 t1_jdy7hmw wrote

Moving to lower Moyamensing area soon from the west coast - anything I should know about the area?


teamphryne t1_jdye5m2 wrote

How is the Grays Ferry area? Is it one of those block-by-block neighborhoods for safety? Looking to move in a couple of months with my family and our budget is making our choices limited....


Zfusco t1_jdzwbyg wrote

Manayunk rox is a very reasonable commute to bala, I did it for a while, <15-20m from green lane bridge to pretty much anywhere in bala cynwyd. Rox is definitely still doable for <400k, probably some smaller stuff in upper manayunk at that price too. Parking in roxborough is easy compared to most of the rest of the city, you might be able to find something sub 400 with parking in roxborough, that'd be a stretch in manayunk. It's also relatively quiet if that's something you're looking for. Pretty walkable if you're close to either ridge or main street, though no grocery options on main street.

other than those two,

Reasonably good rail access, idk about bus access, I just take the train to center city when I need to, drive for other errands.

> especially comparing traffic because ATL traffic sucks hard but I also know ATL is wayyyyyy more car dependent of a city than Philly is.

Not from atlanta, only driven there a few times, but I can't imagine a place with more unpredictable drivers than philly. We were recently rated as the city with the worst driving experience in the US, and in my experience, that's accurate. Infrastructure isn't pretty, but definitely way more developed than atlanta, we have a functional subway, and as much as we love to shit on SEPTA, having lived a number of places with literally no public transit, it's miles better than other large cities outside the northeast. I lived in DFW for a while, and the DART is a total joke compared to even the least developed parts of SEPTA.

In terms of crime, seems from the stats that violent and property crime is a bit lower in Philly. I've been here since 2015 and the last year or so have for sure been the worst, hopefully, it's a dip rather than a trend. It definitely exists, but if you live in the northwest, or the suburbs around bala, all those area's are relatively low crime for philly.


thecw t1_je0623i wrote

If you mean Grays Ferry the neighborhood (south of Grays Ferry Ave and west of 25th), mostly safe, but not much to do either, and not great transit into Center City.


thecw t1_je06qgm wrote

No, PPA can't be summoned like that. PPA enforces things like meters and timed parking zones.

911 is for all police matters in Philly, including cars parked on the sidewalk.


thecw t1_je0725t wrote

I love how every question in these threads is like "I want somewhere safe" or "I would prefer a low crime area"


tellatella t1_je0z7cv wrote

If you value quiet you wont enjoy it from Thursday night - Sunday night. Its not particularly "dangerous" but quality of life stuff can get annoying (trash, noise, stolen packages, etc). Other then that you have Society Hill/Old City to the north and Queen Village to the south so its easy to get around. Parking will suck as well but thats par for south philly in general.


_jeremybearimy_ t1_je14q7v wrote

Idk but last summer a rental agent was saying last year was the worst he'd ever seen the market in Philly. Lots of issues leftover from covid (many different factors but one he mentioned is people are looking for different things than they were pre-covid and there just isn't enough stock for that).