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Little_Noodles t1_jeeinby wrote

You forgot the part where she’s fine handing that information out to private companies as well ….

But that’s gotta be some kind of thin justification for “I don’t want to have to do the same stuff everyone else running a business has to do”, which makes more sense, but is an even less defensible argument.

For anyone that isn’t aware - If you own property, it’s a bit too late to claim to want to be off the grid. Unless you really nest that shit in a complicated network of shell companies and whatnot, it’s all in the public record and easily discoverable to anyone with the right websites and a little bit of patience. She’s not going to be any more or less findable than she already is.


illy-chan t1_jeej3uy wrote

I can only think she's in some sort of denial.

Especially with tax season going on, she's really going to act like government forms are some sort of undue hardship?


BurnedWitch88 t1_jefojqu wrote

I think tax avoidance may actually be a big part of this. Not sure how AirBnB reports payments to owners, but if she doesn't have a license to rent, there's a good chance she also doesn't have a biz license and doesn't report at least some of that income.