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aintjoan t1_je5lnc3 wrote

Young also worked for Clarke at one point.

Clarke may have failed at shoehorning Wilkerson in but he was still clearly trying to push things in the direction he wanted. Even if it didn't completely succeed, it definitely fits under "corrupt to the end."


felldestroyed t1_je5pwis wrote

I once interned or worked for a republican house representative. I did not share any of his views. It was a job for experience.


a-german-muffin t1_je5o0iw wrote

Might be too cynical a way of looking at it — there's a sizable gulf between being a handpicked successor and being someone with practical experience working in a council office. And as far as I've seen, Clarke hasn't said word one about Young in this process — not in the Inky article, not on social, not anywhere.


aintjoan t1_je5o9g3 wrote

I freely admit that after having to live in Clarke's district for the last 20 years, I am 100% cynical about everything he does.