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Victor_Korchnoi t1_jde6aa4 wrote

How historic is the building? Like on a scale of original Penn Station Station to that gas station?


ReturnedFromExile t1_jdf7fxr wrote

well, used to be club Egypt. And back in the day the entire sales office for a company I worked for was fire for downloading too much pornography. They were in that building. So it’s pretty historical.


LeKKeR80 t1_jdefnur wrote

In a floodplain and across the street from Delilah's back door, but I'm sure the amenities will be amazing. I'm not opposed to development, but housing people in places likely to flood is silly.


bigassbiddy t1_jdf11ro wrote

It’s not silly if you account for it in design. Looking at the base of the new building it looks like they are elevating it substantially.


givemesendies t1_jdgbxo4 wrote

Same thing with the new units in east falls. They have to be elevated at least 20ft off of kelly


Scumandvillany t1_jdfedvb wrote

I think that parcel is out of the flood plain, just barely. But yeah. Still, there's a lot of underutilized lane there all zoned near skyscraper, there's a way to do it that should last 100 years or so, and then it's just Venice


wumder t1_jddwioh wrote

I know people on this sub hate cars but rip to one of the best places to park for my weekend security job =(


RoughRhinos OP t1_jddyrhj wrote

At least the weather is going to get nicer. Could bike.