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Desjardins99 t1_jdein8x wrote

Awww shucky ducky now :). Black clergy taking a position on this before an election will force the mayoral candidates to support the new arena


pm_your_masterpiece t1_jdemuin wrote

the mayoral candidates should grow spines and support their communities first


Cobey1 t1_jdeyrfc wrote

Helen thinks it’s a stupid project. She might be the only candidate who has said she doesn’t intend to wait 10 years to finally see a viable market East. She wants it viable now. Waiting 10 years to host the first event or 76ers home game there is INSANE anyway you look at this project. What happens when 76ers get 4 years into construction and say F it to the whole idea? Allowing this stadium to happen would be dumber than the investment into the fashion district that exists now!