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Cobey1 t1_jdf5be9 wrote

That’s weird because that’s been the ENTIRE push behind the whole arena in market East. Either you don’t know what you’re talking about or the 76ers are doing a horrible job marketing their proposal!


PurpleWhiteOut t1_jdf6pd7 wrote

That's their narrative but the only thing they want to revitalize is their wallet


AbsentEmpire t1_jdfi3mh wrote

The brunt of the argument is that the location is transit oriented, the secondary argument is driving business growth on East Market.

North Philly can provide neither of these things as well as center city can.


Cobey1 t1_jdfn55z wrote

North Philly has access to public transit and is a much higher priority than market east right now. Market East needs multi-unit housing, thriving restaurants and small businesses, not a huge arena that will be open 3 nights a week. Sorry, a 76ers arena was never a solution to revitalizing market East


AbsentEmpire t1_jdfqiez wrote

North Philly doesn't have the same level of tranist access as Market East, not even close. Trying to pretend it does is stupid.

East Market has been languishing for decades, an arena coming in on top of a major tansit hub will absolutely help drive further investment down East Market.

You're trying to pretend that for some unspecified reasons blocking development will also magically drive development and build up Market East, despite that plan not working out for decades.

I get your a nimby and the idea of center city growing upsets you, but you're wrong for all the usual reasons that nimbys are.

The arena replacing a dying mall on Market Street, right next to the convention center and Reading Terminal will be good for the city.


UndercoverPhilly t1_jdhwfar wrote

Hello? North Philly SEPTA RR station? Some of the RR stop there and easy enough to get to Jefferson station and take one stop on a train or MFL. Amtrak stops there. MFL does too.


AbsentEmpire t1_jdjewhu wrote

Market East is a one seat ride on every single rail line in the city, North Philly is not.


Civil_Peak t1_jdfz5fa wrote

> North Philly doesn't have the same level of transit access as Market East, not even close. Trying to pretend it does is stupid.

Actually your off. You might be right about North Philly not having same transit, but the rails are there and can be built easily.

However the better location is West Philly. Amtrak comes into 30th street, NJ Transit comes into 30th Street, Septa subway, rail, trolley comes into 30th Street station. 76th is right at 30th street. There is a lot of cheap land in West Philly. There are 2 level 1 trauma centers in West Philly, 1 for adults and 1 for kids so any incidents then you can get medical care right away.

Yes you're missing Patco but maybe the 76ers can help pay to extend Patco and I think there is a desire for that.


[deleted] t1_jdg7x6j wrote



Civil_Peak t1_jdg96lv wrote

I said Rail not subway. What does subway have to do with rail. two different thing. There is a rail line in north philly not a subway line.

Amtrak, NJ transit matter when someone coming far from the suburbs. If you live in Lancaster, Coatesville there no Septa rail so you would need to take Amtrak unless you want to drive.

A trauma center means you get the highest level of care. Penn Hospital is not a level 1 trauma center so you're referencing something that has nothing to do with it. The advantage of West Philly is that CHOP is right there so if a kid has a medical incident they're close by. Medical care is important when you have large crowds as someone is going to get hurt and easier to just bring them to where they can get care instead of the ambulance having to figure out what going on and possibly rerouting to somewhere they can get care.


Cobey1 t1_jdfrucl wrote

😂 you’re so out of touch with actual Philadelphians it’s hilarious. Did you move here last year or before the pandemic bro?


AbsentEmpire t1_jdfsg2y wrote

I've lived here longer than you've likely been alive, and 100% longer than when you moved here from the suburbs on your parents dime.

But do please keep beclowning yourself by saying North Philly is as transit accessible as the litteral hub of every major line in the city, then claiming you know what all Philadelphians actually want.


Cobey1 t1_jdft0m2 wrote

I was born and raised here, k-12 public ed, community college, I’m Philly made man, can’t say the same about you though 😂 you yimbys love to step on other peoples toes with no concern of the impact you cause on communities of color. Everything in the name of ‘revitalization’ but at the expense of Black people’s quality of life. No surprise you support Rebecca either, considering you have zero concerns for the people opposing 76ers market East in Chinatown and adjacent communities.


ReturnedFromExile t1_jdf78ng wrote

well that’s how you sell it but they are not looking to North Philadelphia or the waterfront or anywhere like that. They want their own arena and they want it right in Center City.


nsweeney11 t1_jdfmpoz wrote

They are doing a horrible job marketing the proposal are you new here


Cobey1 t1_jdfnto2 wrote

That was my attempt at sarcasm through text lol I was born and raised in Philly, even been a lifelong sixers fan and I think the arena in center city is dumb. I like where it’s at in south Philly. If something ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


ReturnedFromExile t1_jdfp3ge wrote

well, it is broke…. because they are paying rent and they don’t want to do that anymore


ADFC t1_jdid29n wrote

“But that’s not a good enough reason for me!!” - half this sub


ReturnedFromExile t1_jdiddix wrote

people seriously have an inability to see things from another’s perspective.


ADFC t1_jdieuvj wrote

The Sixers are not a charity, they’re a sport organization. I don’t know why people are expecting them to act like Habitat for Humanity, even though they’re more than happy to invest 50M+ into the community…

Like it or not, the Sixers will not play in South Philly after 2030. Whether we lose million of tax revenue to Camden due to these bad faith arguments will be another story for later on.


ReturnedFromExile t1_jdigc1h wrote

most of the negative comments are because people from the suburbs find it very easy to go to Wells Fargo Center and park. That’s what they’re used to. That’s what they are comfortable with.


EmmaSchiller t1_jdr6i94 wrote

LOL you're so dense you think we don't "see things from another's perspective" in this regard??

Of course we can see they don't want to pay rent. But we don't care. It's literally rich ass fucks not wanting to pay rich ass other fucks so they can be more rich.