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Bartleby_TheScrivene t1_jdxmzal wrote

Port Richmond is an affordable area, and its really close to several big box stores that will be affordable for families. I'd like to see the area serve as a vanguard/bulwark pushing against Kensington.

It's been a pretty stable area forever.

People will say gentrification, but honestly the alternative is far worse.


CroatianSensation79 t1_je06u6f wrote

Yep! It could be K&A.


Bartleby_TheScrivene t1_je075ah wrote

It's not K&A that I'm only worried about. No. Not just that. I'm thinking about what happens to the people who own homes in the area if something like that comes to Port Richmond. Every single family that owns a home there will be basically trapped. They will be unable to sell their home and move because their homes will be worthless. Their QOL will vanish. They'll be subject to crime and the city won't care.