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timbrelyn t1_je9obk9 wrote

It took me 15 mins to extract my car from it’s spot the other day due to a narrow street with bollards on both sides surrounded by close parkers.

No lie I got out of my car 3 times to check to make sure I wasn’t going to scrape the car in front of me. I swear it should be an Olympic event at this point lol.


mazerati185 t1_je9xvrd wrote

No love tap huh?


timbrelyn t1_je9yls5 wrote

Oh I’m sure there were some love taps. My car is already “citified” enough with various dents and scrapes from street parking. I was trying not to tear off my front bumper because I wouldn’t be able to get away with not getting that repaired.


schwnz t1_jeasbr2 wrote

Tap hard enough you’ll earn an extra inch of space.


PassyunkHoagie t1_je9r6s5 wrote

Impressive but only if completed sans front-facing camera. Otherwise it's cheating.

Also, if you're gonna park like that, you've gotta be comfortable with the fact that there's gonna be some contact when the Jeep goes to leave. Just cause you're the Criss Angel Mindfreak of parking doesn't mean everyone else is going to hold themselves to the same standard.


Vague_Disclosure t1_je9pqjn wrote

Other day I walked past my car and someone had parked their POS not only touching mine but physically pushing my bumper in. On what fucking planet is that acceptable. I get that theres going to be a bit of contact every once in a while in tight spaces but that's just next level selfish behavior


BasileusLeoIII t1_je9u4as wrote

so crazy that all 4 of his tires happened to have nails in the sidewalls, wild coincidence


Vague_Disclosure t1_je9wcz2 wrote

I must admit I was VERY tempted to key it, a few years ago the much more hot headed version of myself would have


BasileusLeoIII t1_je9witg wrote

I'd never have the balls, I'm far too law-abiding, but man does this kind of thing make me wanna


Fawxhox t1_jea59nu wrote

This got me thinking. I regularly park with about 12-18 inches between me and the car in front of me (or just far enough for someone to squeeze between the two cars). The idea being to hopefully maximize parking space, maybe fit an extra car in there. I always get mad when I see cars parked with like 5 feet between them when I'm parking, because down a single block you're probably losing 3-4 spots.

But is this a dick move? I often have to shimmy out, going back, forward, back forward, back, out. It doesn't bother me as much as parking blocks away, but maybe other people think it's a dick move.


Leviathant t1_jeacahe wrote

You're doing it right. We live in a city with parallel parking, it's much harder to get into a tight spot than it is to get out of a tight spot, but it's a curse on the whole block when multiple people leave 3 feet between their cars and effectively erase two otherwise viable spots as a result.

It's not coincidence that those things on the front and back of our vehicles are called bumpers.


rossdowdell t1_jea4awz wrote

For all the disagreements I have with the Redditors in this sub, I see a post like this and I smile the rest of the day.

My mother, known for her terse comments, would see someone park like this and would say, "Talent wasted."

I still don't know exactly what she meant, but this post made me think of that.

Thank you.


Substantial-Ball3916 t1_jeakuws wrote

She meant "Someone had an eye for spacial relationships and the skill to maneuver a vehicle into that position, and they use all that talent for the mundane task of parking a car".


Substantial-Ball3916 t1_je9m6ak wrote

Professional. But the jeep is going to need to remove that tire to exit. 🤣


Radack1 t1_je9ptu3 wrote

This is just impressive at this point. I'm not even sure I'm mad anymore.


Iggy95 t1_je9wrb2 wrote

Never realized that the jeep spare tire actually doubles as a bumper protector.


Substantial-Ball3916 t1_jealiyv wrote

I'm always extra cautious parking my gf's Rav4. Back up wrong and the tire carrier can f someone's hood.


Snoo_96179 t1_jeats12 wrote

“Now Kith” -Mike Tyson


Cobey1 t1_je9r4e1 wrote

I would be mad if I owned that Nissan. That’s really wild


ElectricalMud2850 t1_je9x4n4 wrote

From everything I know about observing who breaks traffic laws, I'm willing to bet the jeep was there first lol.


Cobey1 t1_jeac113 wrote

Then I would be mad as the jeep owner. I have a neighbor that does this and it’s inconsiderate to other people’s car. If I think a spot is too tight I’d rather walk a block then try to squeeze in to a spot. Can’t stand people who bang ppls shit up just to save a 1 minute walk from the crib


ElectricalMud2850 t1_jeaeye6 wrote

Unless the jeep has a driveway in front of it or something. I've definitely done this, but never when it could fuck someone over. Too much context missing to pass judgment tbh.


Cobey1 t1_jebdhjs wrote

Someone is the problem in this pic! The blame could go either way depending on who parked last! Hahaha if I ever park close it’s because the other person has a significant gap behind/in front of them. Then it’s justifiable


toiletjocky t1_jeb7tsm wrote

Sometimes it isn't a 1 minute walk though. Sometimes it is a $60+ ticket... Or literally not being able to park at all.


Cobey1 t1_jebd978 wrote

I feel you on that. I live in the NE and my partner lives in south Philly and I drive down to her place just to pick her up so I don’t have to park overnight on her street. After 5pm, parking is a nightmare in south Philly. And if you do find a spot, you come out in the morning with a new dent, scratch, or your bumper is just hanging off… Honestly, parking is the main reason why I would never consider living in any other neighborhood in the city unless the house I bought had a garage or an assigned parking spot. (Yes I do commute via septa often to center city from the NE)


justanawkwardguy t1_je9shyv wrote

Came out to my car once to go somewhere, just for it to be this close on both sides. Just said nope, not today! Luckily wasn't going anywhere important


FUCKTEAM t1_jedg6s7 wrote

I’m not touching youuuuu


MongolianCluster t1_jea1jbp wrote

Played out in the back seat by brother and sister on long trips while the parents get pissed.


Arowhite t1_jealtjb wrote


When that 300pounds dude with wife, children, dogs and groceries all get in that car, it will touch!