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Ng3me t1_jdkdjkl wrote

Was hoping something happened to Stogie Joe’s. Bummer.


CauliflowerFront3706 t1_jdl4jt5 wrote

What’s wrong with stogie joes? Legit curious


Ng3me t1_jdm064i wrote

  1. Pizza sucks. 2. They build a fort around the sidewalk that looks like crap. 3. They ignored every Covid protocol possible. 4. They attract MAGA trash.

CauliflowerFront3706 t1_jdm5e2z wrote

Lol the sidewalk fort 😂😂 I just moved close by recently and was wondering what their vibe was.


vegan_brat_ t1_jdo358p wrote

the vibe is boomers tryna “remember when” themselves into happiness.

the martinis are A+++++ though


shlem90 t1_jdvdiss wrote

I’ve only eaten in there once and some old guy who looked like he belonged on a Florida beach harassing women kept talking shit to us for wearing our college gear.

It really does feel like a MAGA haven but not even South Philly MAGA. Jersey/South Florida MAGA.


jeffseidl92 OP t1_jdmzxny wrote

  1. The pizza is excellent, all the food is. 2. The awning thing is not the most aesthetically pleasing, agree on that. 3. Lol 4. LOL

21chucks t1_jdosbrn wrote

You're getting downvoted but their upside down pie is so good ...


jeffseidl92 OP t1_jdp2pfr wrote

Yeah I don’t care, ideologues will be ideologues.


palerthanrice t1_jdnlssr wrote

They ignored covid protocols that didn’t work anyway, so they deserve to be burned to the ground!

Reddit is ridiculous.


oramirite t1_jdrs3d2 wrote

Did you think the goal was to cure COVID or something? Curbing the spread is a collection of small efforts and they thought of themselves as above it. Fuck em.


ArkadianWorship t1_jdwtfby wrote

all summer long they got gross old men camped out on the sidewalk sexually harassing women, everyone i know hates that place


CauliflowerFront3706 t1_jdxqo39 wrote

I believe it. Seems to fit right in with the guy who pounds keystone ices and chucks the cans in the back of his truck with the trump stickers across the street


2LargePizzas t1_je1f01l wrote

Agreed. Their pizza used to be decent, got it once last year and it has taken a big dive.


Why anyone craving square style pizza would order from Stogies when La Rosa is two blocks away is beyond me...


CauliflowerFront3706 t1_jdjeo07 wrote

What happened?


jeffseidl92 OP t1_jdjjco1 wrote

I was mistaken- still one fire truck and some cops now out there. I asked the one cop, but he wouldn’t tell me what’s good. Said if I asked a fireman they would. But I just kept walking to meet my friends at the next bar instead lol.


gnartato t1_jdk4jpj wrote

Cop was probably too busy on their phone to remember what they are wasting our tax dollars on now.


jeffseidl92 OP t1_jdmzjh1 wrote

Nah he asked if I lived in the property, was making sure no random people wandered into it. Have a pleasant day though!


gnartato t1_jdn59fu wrote

So still refused to answer and deferred to a a more competent agency that is the PFD. Got it. Thanks. You too.


jeffseidl92 OP t1_jdjfnbd wrote

To tell ya the truth, I don’t know. They had about 6 trucks out here and the whole intersection locked down. Pic doesn’t do it justice. But, as you can see, they were investigating something on that roof of the next block past Stogie Joe’s. Couple guys went up that ladder. Already left so guess it wasn’t that serious?