Submitted by minxcore t3_11xysrh in philadelphia

Hello! I have a bit of a strange question I am hoping to find an answer for. I am in possession of a shofar, as in a shofar horn used in Jewish religious ceremonies. I am not Jewish and don't really want to drop it off at my local Goodwill so does anyone know of any temples in the Philadelphia area who would appreciate the donation? Or honestly anyone else who would take it! Let me know, thank you so much!



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CreativeDiscipline7 t1_jd7okj3 wrote

Thanks for making the effort to find an appropriate home for this item.

I think you could call any synagogue in your neighborhood and ask this question. They may not have a need for it themselves, but they will probably be in a good position to know who would. Alternatively, you could ask the National Museum of American Jewish History here in Philly.


minxcore OP t1_jd7qjpu wrote

Thank you, I didn't even think about asking the Museum, I'll reach out to them today!


minxcore OP t1_jd7qkc1 wrote

Also for people asking how I got it, I was a bit of a strange child and became obsessed with owning one after reading about it,my mother actually bought it for my birthday and I've had it for about ten years.


oliver_babish t1_jd7rdop wrote

I agree that the National Museum of American Jewish History or any local synagogue (or campus Hillel) would be a good first step. Don't blow this opportunity; loudly sound the alarm.


SweetJibbaJams t1_jd7kile wrote

How did you come into possession of a shofar? That's a pretty niche thing to just randomly show up in ones possession, haha