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Cobey1 t1_jdr06wj wrote

Could and should be 400+ units of affordable housing and commercial retail space if lead/asbestos free


NoREEEEEEtilBrooklyn t1_jdrgz43 wrote

Instructions unclear, Luxury lofts incoming.


Cobey1 t1_jds5iu7 wrote

Said every developer and city district Councilmember! 😂😂😂


_token_black t1_jdwpe2a wrote

Only thing we know how to build. Otherwise too expensive or can’t be done.


binnenkant t1_jdvl9ig wrote

It's being redeveloped into a multimillion square foot life sciences research hub. Will bring lots of good investment and jobs to the area.


Cobey1 t1_jdwi9d8 wrote

That’s really cool. I have heard Derek Green on the campaign trail talk about Budd Bio works and it didn’t click until now. Thanks for the link!