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hellocloudshellosky t1_jdym07m wrote

Wait - 7 SCHOOLS total in the Philly public school system have libraries??? That can’t be - gods, I hope so much that isn’t true.


jea25 t1_jdyoq0b wrote

I’m not sure there are only 7 libraries, I think there are 7 librarians in the district. There are some schools that have libraries but they are run by teachers or parents. A lot of times schools have the books but no one with the time to keep them organized enough that they can be lent out.


SanjiSasuke t1_jdypald wrote

My lazy Googling suggests that this is exactly the problem, and that Philly has the worst ratio of libraries to schools in the country. That's awful.


MaimedJester t1_jdyyalc wrote

That's what Charter row does for a city.

For some ridiculous reason I don't understand every chatter school private enterprise company tries to use Philadelphia as their testing grounds. And 90% of these for profit charter schools fail within 4 years. Like there's something about federal funding they're abusing to get somewhere. But it's absolutely nuts you go to Allegheny West and there been like 4 different schools under different management in the same building hiring Americorps volunteers over the last ten years. Starting up a school system from scratch is insane to comprehend the logistics. You're not just selling Burgers or Jeans to a customer who walks in, you're educating a child for an entire year and dealing with Chicken pox outbreaks or kids with Asperger's. You're not in a consumer based climate when it's just one annoying Karen yelling at the restaurant about garlic bread you can ask her to leave. You're stuck with a kid by law you have to contractually educate for a year and make a process to state overseers saying exactly why you expelled/recommend this kid for Alternative schooling.


Kinkyregae t1_jdzqbcu wrote

I worked in a charter school in south Philly. 1000% shady shit going on with funding.

Regardless of the money, we were cheating tests and bending rules to make our school scores look way better than they actually were.

When public schools die, so to will the middle class.


Ng3me t1_jdzqxbr wrote

Yup. Charters suck you dry. That’s why rich districts don’t have them.


Clarck_Kent t1_je0lgkd wrote

The owners of the charter schools also tend to have a separate company that packages curriculum, then uses the tax funding they siphon from the public school district to buy the curriculum packages from themselves.

Check out Vahan Gureghian and CSMI.


BureaucraticHotboi t1_jdzwtvj wrote

They are working to send public school the way of our health insurance system. Jeffrey Yass the richest man in PA and a massive conservative donor just happens to donate a good deal to a few prominent Philly Dems like State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams who support charter schools and “school Choice”


BongButNoWeed t1_je1byt0 wrote

The ceo of my charter school made 500k a year.

We didn't have a library


a-german-muffin t1_je0ih9m wrote

> or kids with Asperger's

Not for nothing, but Asperger's hasn't been a diagnosis for a decade (not least because Herr Asperger was a Nazi collaborator who referred disabled kids to a clinic where they were probably murdered). It's folded into the somewhat broader autism spectrum disorder (ASD)-1 as of DSM V*.

*whoops wrong revision


CheapBoxOWine t1_je0yrvx wrote

That sounds made up. Literally not saying it is, but it sounds fake. I will have to look this up or someone please source.


a-german-muffin t1_je10blr wrote

Right year, wrong Roman numeral — it was the DSM-V revision (got that one mixed up).

As for Asperger himself being a Nazi collaborator, it's well established.

> Sheffer lays out the evidence, from sources such as medical records and referral letters, showing that Asperger was complicit in this Nazi killing machine. He protected children he deemed intelligent. But he also referred several children to Vienna’s Am Spiegelgrund clinic, which he undoubtedly knew was a centre of ‘child euthanasia’, part of what was later called Aktion T4.


CheapBoxOWine t1_je26iv6 wrote

Dope. Thank you.

I don't go around reading a bunch about Nazis but if you went on the internet and someone just told you an autistic disorder is named after one, would you just accept it as fact?


am_pomegranate t1_je1rfsj wrote

My school technically has a library. It's just out of use and is only used for events and backup offices. We don't have a librarian or any book check-out system, we just have a bunch of shelves with random books people left there.


Redpandaling t1_jdymgif wrote

Sadly, libraries are often the first target of budget cuts in education.