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PhillyAccount t1_jeeokb9 wrote

The guy was tackled and detained by two bystanders until the cops arrived. Total act of heroism imo.


djb25 t1_jeerqi9 wrote

The article says the victim was only shot once, in the arm.

They probably saved that guy’s life.

That was nice of them.


[deleted] t1_jeflq1i wrote



Buddyschmuck t1_jefx89p wrote

You are aware that you can call the cops, right?


CoffeeCrisis t1_jegs0vd wrote

Lol they still don't show if you do that


Buddyschmuck t1_jeh0r5o wrote

If somebody gets shot, yes they absolutely do. There are for sure issues with PPD not responding to calls or responding extremely late. But you’d describing a caricature of reality here.


bigpapi69x t1_jegfuj9 wrote

You are aware that sometimes they don’t pick up in this city, right?😊


peteypete420 t1_jegpaax wrote

Do you know what "arrived" means?

Don't get me wrong acab and everything else, but what?


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BroadStreetRandy t1_jeepccn wrote

Literally, as soon as I saw this headline I said to myself... 52nd? Sad not shocking, unfortunately.


trashtrucktoot t1_jef9auq wrote

Right ?! If you're using that stop I'd suggest walking up to 47th or better yes, get on the bus - way safer.


Buddyschmuck t1_jefxrrv wrote

I still live up the street from 52nd. Unless I’m really in a rush, I walk my ass down to 46th street and get on there. Where you can get chicken over rice and counterfeit sports merch instead of shot.


TheCardiganKing t1_jegk98a wrote

I lived on N. 49th for almost 10 years up until a few years ago and I always took 46th St. Station. 52nd is much, much better than the open air drug market that it used to be, way less crowds now, but it can still be sketchy at times.


ColdJay64 t1_jeem6lq wrote

Shooter in custody. Best possible outcome, someone who thinks doing this ok is now off the street.


bigassbiddy t1_jeexj1m wrote

Let’s hope he stays off the street


JBizznass t1_jef2ual wrote

Spoiler alert: They won’t.


ColdJay64 t1_jef6m03 wrote

PPD makes arrests in under 20% of non-fatal shootings. In the rare case that PPD actually makes an arrest and recovers the weapon, isn't the conviction rate pretty high?


JBizznass t1_jef9dqb wrote

Yes, but The number of PPD arrest for all shootings has gone up significantly since 2015 but can’t keep pace with the even more rapid rise in violent crime. This isn’t surprising since the number of officers and manpower has not corresponded with the increase in violent crime. But Philly has also seen a large increase in dropped and/or failed prosecutions of the apprehended criminals. This is especially true for VUFA (gun possession charges). By 2020 almost 50% of gun possession charges were dropped by the DA leaving these criminals who are know to have illegal guns back out in the street to shoot and kill people. Also throw in that the DA’s office lost a really big chunk of their experiences lawyers under the kras (both by direct removal and voluntary resignation) and so you have baby lawyers prosecuting violent felonies who are way in over their heads and out matched to the seasoned defense attorneys. Also lawyers don’t want to go work there now because they know it’s a shot show that won’t benefit their careers.

I agree that there is a lot of nuance in these statistics and the causes of them can be argued from many angles, BUT it all adds up to the fact that a violent criminal in Philly more than likely won’t face significant penalties for their crimes.

Source of statistics:

Lawyer loss:


ColdJay64 t1_jefcjbf wrote

I'll look through these. People often produce stats around this type of thing that I have no idea where to find on my own. Thanks!


burrata-academy t1_jegtexf wrote

come on. They recovered a gun, the entire incident is on film from every possible perspective, and there are dozens of uninvolved witnesses. This dude is pleading guilty and getting decades upstate.

This kind of reflexive, unthinking negativity is so counterproductive. We will never fix the issues in this city if the base-level discourse is this detached from reality. I promise you, you can still criticize Krasner plenty without making up things to get mad about. (edited grammar)


JBizznass t1_jegvhqv wrote

This asshat beat a man to death with a traffic cone for fun and was let out to roam the streets without even notifying the family of the victim:


burrata-academy t1_jegyrv2 wrote

Yes. And you can criticize that case. You have.

But this is actually a different incident with different people and different characteristics. Kneejerk reactions based on unrelated incidents are stupid and counterproductive. They also lessen your credibility on the other stuff that actually warrants critique.

You're in the burbs right? Why did you let yourself get the Krasner brain disease when you don't even live here? Such a waste.


JBizznass t1_jeh1fpk wrote

Fyi: I moved to the burbs after almost a decade in the city. The final straw what having a bomb go off and shake my whole house in the middle of the night during the riots. Also right before lock down I got jumped on the el for no reason from which I still have unhealed injuries. So please just keep your self righteousness to yourself.

Also here’s another great example of violent felons not ‘getting decades upstate’ after pleading guilting to horrendous crimes:

My pessimistic sentiment is based in reality. Really wish I could live in your delusion though. Probably more pleasant to be that far out of reality.


CT_Real t1_jefzqsw wrote

I will bet you $20 this guy gets serious prison time (10+ years).


babywithahugedick t1_jeez9ur wrote

I work in west and stopped taking the El last year because of the vibes despite its convenience relative to my apartment and office. Would rather bike the 3 miles on indego than deal with all the bullshit the train has to offer


powersurge t1_jefl6wn wrote

Your post says it all: SEPTA sucks. Not because we don’t have good rail lines or stations or buses or trolleys. We have all that. We have awful management of the public transit service.


Shrewlord t1_jeg7n4l wrote

Riding a bike 3 miles in the city is way more dangerous.


HistoricalSubject t1_jego2fv wrote

because of the cars you mean? i have to bike through the badlands of north philly almost everyday, twice a day. i'd say i feel more danger from cars than from some sort of random attack or shooting (and i have been doing this commute for 9 years). i would also be more trapped in an El car than on a bike if i was in the proximity of an emerging dangerous situation, and i don't think that would make me feel safer.


Shrewlord t1_jegzcel wrote

Yes more cyclists get killed in traffic accidents in cc than people shot on the El


Shrewlord t1_jegzhp5 wrote

The bus that runs you never saw it coming.


rossdowdell t1_jeetxg2 wrote

The cops in the video are fat. Most cops I see in Philly could not beat me in a foot race.

The healthy cops left Philly, and what is left is gooey and disinterested.


Capable_Okra t1_jef5egk wrote

Hey, I'm not fat but I'm still gooey and disinterested


enn_sixty_four t1_jefiqpk wrote

Used to work at a coffee shop and every day this pair of cops came in... After parking in the handicap spot out front, they'd come in and get food and hangout while they do their scratchoffs.

The one cop was one of the largest people I'd ever seen personally in my life. He was massive. Like had to be 350+ lbs. No fucking way he was chasing anyone down.

But what perplexed me is that there were officer uniforms MADE FOR THAT SIZED person.

He had the regular shirt and pants every cop wears. The shirt was fucking huge. The pants were fucking huge. WHY DO THEY EXIST? Why would they expect a beat cop to ever get to that size?! There's a physical requirement to BE a cop, right??


rossdowdell t1_jefq1dt wrote

Physical requirements are waved because no one healthy is applying. So you get Police Academy movie characters.


enn_sixty_four t1_jefqlth wrote

This was almost ten yrs ago. Was that the case then too?


tansugaqueen t1_jeg87d1 wrote

not that I know anything, but I thought weight requirements were only for when you & apply & are in the academy, once you are done -not enforced- again don’t know this to be fact


meateatr t1_jeg72mc wrote

Philly is the only city that I've seen a cop on a traffic stop at the driver's window with a cigar in his mouth.


rossdowdell t1_jeg825s wrote

It is gonna be a crackpipe before too long.

One of the most terrifying conversations I had in the last few years was with a police recruiter a few months back. You have no idea how talentless the PPD is going to be when the next wave of pensioners retires.

So many in here love to take shots at the PPD. OK. Many they deserve it, but when you see what passes for a Philly cop in a few short years, you will move to Wyoming---and then vote the same way that caused you to leave Philly.

Fat, dumb, old cops are the future of this city. I hope I am wrong, but I ain't.


outerspace29 t1_jefn1j6 wrote

His uniform was made from 3 other uniforms stitched together


rossdowdell t1_jefpu8z wrote

3 uniforms from healthy cops that resigned to serve elsewhere---somehow ignoring the ridicule of Redditors as they drive out on 95 South.

Anyone who can not show the slightest care for their outward appearance like these chubs hasn't the fortitude to be an affective police officer.

But this is the police force that you have leftover; filled with 3rd tier rejects that never leave leftovers.


kilometr t1_jefnqyj wrote

Police officers in Philadelphia only have to pass the physical test when they start. After that they can let their fitness slide.

I thought that perhaps if they had to walk a beat instead of sitting in a car all day perhaps they would be in better shape. It’s easier said than done to change the physical fitness standards. They’re having trouble already getting recruits. I don’t think they could replace their fat cops.


NotUnstoned t1_jeftaen wrote

The PPD even lets that one fat cop ride around passyunk all day on a Segway. And I would assume it was paid for by the department since it’s got PPD badges and shit on it. Real Paul Blart type shit right there.


Christinamh t1_jegjgg9 wrote

If they literally walked the blocks, they'd probably be fine 😂


rossdowdell t1_jefra1c wrote

Why are they having problems recruiting?

That's a rhetorical question. I know the answer.


OnionLegend t1_jegkcrj wrote

If the cops look good, wouldn’t recruitment rates go up? Or is that not appealing to people anymore?


DeltaNerd t1_jefwmmx wrote

I still question why we don't have cops at subway stations? Inb4 some free transit lunatic yells at me


rossdowdell t1_jefzafd wrote

Based on how obese these cops are, it may be because walking up and down steps is too difficult.


shinyRedButton t1_jeeu61n wrote

How many times do I have to remind yall that people aren’t taking the trains anymore because we live in a CAR CULTURE. Has absolutely nothing to do with feeling like you’re going to be attacked every single time you ride. Its cars. Its not the people openly shooting up or getting in your face because you wont give them money. Its the damn car culture. Its certainly not people taking shits right in front of you in the stair wells. Car culture is to blame.


verdantx t1_jef0c4l wrote

I miss when you could be sarcastic on reddit with a reasonable expectation that people would understand.


UndercoverPhilly t1_jeeupxx wrote

Not true. I stopped riding the BSL and MFL due to the crime, excrement and bums. I walk or take the bus instead. One of my colleagues stopped riding them and only will take regional rail now to work. There are plenty of us who don't have a car, and had been relying on public transportation before. Ridership is down due to the WFH also, so not just the condition of the subway/el.


rovinchick t1_jeeymro wrote

I took SEPTA for over 20 years until the pandemic hit, tried a few times since then and was dissatisfied and now have switched to exclusively car commuting. It was a direct result of reduced regional rail schedules and deteriorating conditions on the NHSL/MFL as my alternative. I hate paying for parking everyday, but it has been worth for me for now until SEPTA is a feasible option again.


mbash013 t1_jefhvoe wrote

Surprised a lot of people needed this /s for this comment


UndercoverPhilly t1_jefk59y wrote

Oh. The second time I read it, I thought it might be sarcasm. LOL. They are making fun of the people who insists ACAB. (All cars are bad!)


ThereAreDozensOfUs t1_jeeveqi wrote


I don’t take the train because I don’t want to step in piss or worry about being jumped by the homeless.

Do whatever you want with your car narrative. The trains aren’t safe, and you have to be very aware while on public transportation. Some people don’t want to spend their commute looking at the sketchy person wondering if this is it


ColdJay64 t1_jeezbgc wrote

The trains are generally safe


UndercoverPhilly t1_jefkcof wrote

/s. ?


ColdJay64 t1_jefkrl4 wrote

Uh no? “Unsafe” suggests that it’s like something happens to you. It is incredibly unlikely, and safer than traveling by car.

Now the condition of the trains and stations is a whole other discussion.


internet_cousin t1_jegh0wi wrote

Yr getting down voted by ppl who i am sure consider it assault to be looked at by some who they think is poor, i can only assume.

Septa is in a sad state, lotta inequality and hopelessness and drug use in this city, too many guns, but i feel like there has been a serious uptick in paranoia fed by citizens app type shit in recent years and it is doing very serious damage to the social fabric....anyways, always happy to see people pointing that out. Cheers.


Nicole_Bitchie t1_jefb9ys wrote

I would love to take public transportation to and from work. I stopped pre-covid when I witnessed 2 actual fights and one almost fight in a week's time on MFL and suburban trolleys. I felt like Danny Glover saying "I'm getting too old for this shit".


DixonWasAliveAgain t1_jefc160 wrote

More than one thing can be true at the same time. Public safety isn't the reason why your bus is late, or your regional rail can't get you home after 9:00 at night.


Edison_Ruggles t1_jef1har wrote

I hate car culture and much of what you say is correct but unfortunately violent acts on the train (and the perception they cause) have nothing to do with car culture. They will drive (no pun intended) even the most committed urbanite back to cars or worse, the suburbs. The only thing that connects this to car culture is the fact that Septa is not adequately funded.


Edison_Ruggles t1_jef0z50 wrote

Was it a robbery? or two idiots fighting?


Zhuul t1_jef4j05 wrote

Probably either retaliation or an argument that got out of control. A while back Outlaw’s office released data that stated something like half the shootings in the city fall into those categories.


mbash013 t1_jefhn3b wrote

What ever happened to just punching someone in the nose to settle shit. People just throw bullets around without any real thought to the consequences. Fucking sickening that it’s so easy to become an innocent bystander in Philly.


ColdJay64 t1_jefq0l9 wrote

Public transit anywhere really. There was a shooting in the Potomac Ave Metro station in DC yesterday, a man slashed on the A train in Brooklyn yesterday, a PBS reporter randomly punched in the face on the subway in NYC Monday, etc. etc. etc.

Our system needs to be fixed, but people always speak as though this stuff only happens here when that's not at all the case.


outerspace29 t1_jeft1mq wrote

You're aware this is r/philadelphia, where people talk about things that are related to and happen in Philadelphia, right? This "as though this stuff only happens here" seems like a projection and willful misunderstanding on your part.


ColdJay64 t1_jefubrs wrote

I am aware of that, thanks. I pretty clearly articulated that I was commenting on people discussing things as though they are only problems here (“its so easy to become an innocent bystander in Philly”), as though it’s not the same elsewhere - hence me mentioning what’s happening in other places. I also said that OUR transit system needs to be fixed.


outerspace29 t1_jefy8o4 wrote

This is hardly evidence that "people always speak as though this stuff only happens here." Again, it's a Philly sub. How should these types of comments be phrased to avoid offending your sensibilities, since it seems clear you're intolerant of any criticism of the city?

"A crime occurred in Philadelphia. In order to discuss it, I'm obligated to point out that crime occurred in Los Angeles, NYC, Detroit, Phoenix, and Boise as well. I'm confirming with my sources, but crime may also have occurred in Tripoli, Hong Kong, and Glasgow."


ColdJay64 t1_jefzm33 wrote

You sound offended, I think my initial comment had a perfectly reasonable tone. And constructive criticism is a good thing, blanket statements about how horrible things are here (typically exaggerating) are not. I’m actually pretty vocal about wishing city leadership acknowledged these incidents and told us what they are doing to address them. People don’t like him but at least Eric Adams does that.

Have a nice Friday!


WhyNotKenGaburo t1_jegkoef wrote

I can't speak for DC, but this stuff doesn't happen nearly as frequently in NYC. It's a city of nearly 9 million people, so obviously things are going to happen on occasion, but it isn't a daily or even monthly occurrence.

I never felt unsafe riding the subway in the 2+ decades I lived in NYC. And I rode it through the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens regularly at all hours of the day and night. Sure there were times when my radar went up a bit, but that was infrequently. I do feel unsafe here though, and won't take the subway after rush hour in the evening. I worry about my wife taking it alone in the middle of the day, which I never did in NYC.

As the saying goes: The first step to solving a problem is recognizing that there is one. Obviously Philly has problems that need to be addressed. Shrugging our collective shoulders and saying "mehp, it happens other places too" just diminishes the severity of the problems that Philly faces.


ColdJay64 t1_jeh24qf wrote

Over the past few years, incidents on the subway in NYC are more than weekly. That said, I fully get your points of A. there are more people there and using the system and B. saying something happens other places isn't productive. That is in response to broad statements people make like "Fucking sickening that it’s so easy to become an innocent bystander in Philly" as though bad stuff doesn't happen everywhere, or that it's all that likely to happen here. People love to unproductively whine about Philly like it's the worst place on earth.

I am not suggesting that change doesn't need to take place here, of course it does. While I know politicians alone don't fix everything, I voted for the opposition of the current DA, I am voting for Domb for mayor who has best public safety plan IMO, etc. etc.


PointB1ank t1_jeg26e5 wrote

I was arguing with someone online this week that was saying we would be safer if 100% of society carried guns. I tried to explain how a lot of the altercations that happen daily- arguments, fights, road rage- would be escalated into gun violence if that happened. They weren't really understanding the concept, or even trying to tbh.


CT_Real t1_jeg03qa wrote

Wait...your telling me "an armed society is a polite society" isn't true?


OnionLegend t1_jegk4yl wrote

Punching someone who might have a gun is risky. They’d rather shoot them first.


Edison_Ruggles t1_jef4mw9 wrote

Surprised it's only half


FrankGrimesApartment t1_jeff017 wrote

A lot of fragile egos in this town.


pseudohipster98 t1_jefjox5 wrote

I was nearly involved in a shooting last month because a guy decided to pull a gun on somebody yelling at him in the laundromat. When everyone has a gun a single argument can mean bullets are flying.


ahrn_pa t1_jegx0yf wrote

If that's true, (and it's not) how come people aren't dropping by the hundreds or thousands every day in places like Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Louisianna, all of PA except for Philly? These are places with more guns than people (by far), but somehow the people aren't killing each other en masse. It's much more complicated than guns. It's easy to point at guns and create a scapegoat. That is easier than dealing with social issues, and inequality. Broken homes and school systems are hard to fix, and expensive to fund. So what's a politician to do? We can always blame guns and then try to ban them so it looks like we are doing something. Got a problem? We got a boogeyman for everything. Kids don't listen? It must be that devil music or violent video games. The economy not working for you any longer, well we better start building a wall to keep migrants out. Let's just keep blaming things on others and not address the root cause of anything, that's sure to be a formula for success!


pseudohipster98 t1_jeh24jv wrote

I said “can mean,” not “does mean” - societal issues are 100% the root cause, but given we can’t change broken systems overnight maybe we should focus on at least licensing and regulating instruments that can kill in an instant until we do?

I’m from Texas, my dad taught me to shoot and how to safely handle and use a gun. There’s a spectrum between “well-regulated militia“ and absolute chaos and we’re currently way too far towards the latter at the moment.


TheBSQ t1_jeg4tcu wrote

Some people were never parented out of their toddler phase and will throw tantrums over tiny shit.


ColdJay64 t1_jef61z0 wrote

"Prior to the shooting a group of men were fighting on a train."

From another article.


flamants t1_jefgzb5 wrote

If two people so much as raise their voice at each other on SEPTA, I change cars at the next stop.


pattyforever t1_jeguf82 wrote

No one send this article to my mom


hammysandy t1_jef5pyy wrote

Septa police really earning their pay


CT_Real t1_jeg0gdw wrote

At this point disbanding the SEPTA police and just dividing their budget amongst all city residents would provide more utility.


kekehippo t1_jeg5vwv wrote

Saw a video of someone with a CCW ushering people away and keeping them behind him as the dude was being subdued on the ground by the other two people.


Ams12345678 t1_jeeneve wrote

Grateful I have a car


mundotaku t1_jeeslz7 wrote

I ride the bus, and it is a billion times better than the train. No urine or weed smell. People are polite and normal instead of crazy drug addicts.


JBizznass t1_jef33rm wrote

I would like to know what busses you are taking because while they are better than the el there is definitely still a lot urine and crazies.


CT_Real t1_jeg0bzf wrote

100% becoming a big bus guy.


mundotaku t1_jeg75gq wrote

I have to say, I am impress how little wait time requires to take them. Usually between 3 to 8 minutes.


mary_emeritus t1_jegadoo wrote

It’s annoying because there’s an EL stop on our corner. With an elevator. But I’ll get myself the few blocks away to take the bus even though it takes longer. The EL is only for a last minute emergency/running super late for an appointment. I’m not taking any chances these days.


Rahawk02 t1_jeeqt1s wrote

Same , every day of my life.


Georgiaonmymind2017 t1_jeetevd wrote

Driving is suicidal in metro Philly


Ams12345678 t1_jeer6iz wrote

Prepared to be downvoted!


Rahawk02 t1_jeex2bp wrote

I’ll be too busy driving to the movies tonight, six flags tomorrow, AC on Sunday, New York on Wednesday and the Poconos next week to care too much about people’s downvotes who don’t leave their neighborhood.


Georgiaonmymind2017 t1_jeeyyy0 wrote

You drive to New York? Are you insane? Is Six Flags even open yet?


Rahawk02 t1_jeezasq wrote

I drive lots of places, see lots of things , have friends all over the country sounds absolutely horrible to be stuck in your neighborhood 24/7 .

Six flags opens for the season tomorrow. I take my kid every week something you can’t do without a car.


Georgiaonmymind2017 t1_jeezpe7 wrote

I free to not sit in traffic. Free to fall asleep on Amtrak. Free to not have to drive everywhere for everything. Free to not have to worry about gas prices. Free to use my car only for enjoyment. But you do you.


Rahawk02 t1_jef0l4k wrote

I would never ever sleep on a public train, that’s a great way to wake up without your possessions. I’ll take chilling in my car with my heated leather seats , favorite songs playing, perfect temperature. A little traffic doesn’t scare me.


embersgrow44 t1_jefrwua wrote

People who tie their identity too much to their tools, are the real tools


embersgrow44 t1_jefrsyt wrote

You do realize there are other ways to travel outside the city without a car right? Your half brag half shame stance is weird & boring look at me


verdantx t1_jef0sdg wrote

NY is not that bad of a drive if you can afford parking and avoid certain times of day.