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FrankGrimesApartment t1_jeff017 wrote

A lot of fragile egos in this town.


pseudohipster98 t1_jefjox5 wrote

I was nearly involved in a shooting last month because a guy decided to pull a gun on somebody yelling at him in the laundromat. When everyone has a gun a single argument can mean bullets are flying.


ahrn_pa t1_jegx0yf wrote

If that's true, (and it's not) how come people aren't dropping by the hundreds or thousands every day in places like Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Louisianna, all of PA except for Philly? These are places with more guns than people (by far), but somehow the people aren't killing each other en masse. It's much more complicated than guns. It's easy to point at guns and create a scapegoat. That is easier than dealing with social issues, and inequality. Broken homes and school systems are hard to fix, and expensive to fund. So what's a politician to do? We can always blame guns and then try to ban them so it looks like we are doing something. Got a problem? We got a boogeyman for everything. Kids don't listen? It must be that devil music or violent video games. The economy not working for you any longer, well we better start building a wall to keep migrants out. Let's just keep blaming things on others and not address the root cause of anything, that's sure to be a formula for success!


pseudohipster98 t1_jeh24jv wrote

I said “can mean,” not “does mean” - societal issues are 100% the root cause, but given we can’t change broken systems overnight maybe we should focus on at least licensing and regulating instruments that can kill in an instant until we do?

I’m from Texas, my dad taught me to shoot and how to safely handle and use a gun. There’s a spectrum between “well-regulated militia“ and absolute chaos and we’re currently way too far towards the latter at the moment.


TheBSQ t1_jeg4tcu wrote

Some people were never parented out of their toddler phase and will throw tantrums over tiny shit.