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enn_sixty_four t1_jefiqpk wrote

Used to work at a coffee shop and every day this pair of cops came in... After parking in the handicap spot out front, they'd come in and get food and hangout while they do their scratchoffs.

The one cop was one of the largest people I'd ever seen personally in my life. He was massive. Like had to be 350+ lbs. No fucking way he was chasing anyone down.

But what perplexed me is that there were officer uniforms MADE FOR THAT SIZED person.

He had the regular shirt and pants every cop wears. The shirt was fucking huge. The pants were fucking huge. WHY DO THEY EXIST? Why would they expect a beat cop to ever get to that size?! There's a physical requirement to BE a cop, right??


rossdowdell t1_jefq1dt wrote

Physical requirements are waved because no one healthy is applying. So you get Police Academy movie characters.


enn_sixty_four t1_jefqlth wrote

This was almost ten yrs ago. Was that the case then too?


tansugaqueen t1_jeg87d1 wrote

not that I know anything, but I thought weight requirements were only for when you & apply & are in the academy, once you are done -not enforced- again don’t know this to be fact


meateatr t1_jeg72mc wrote

Philly is the only city that I've seen a cop on a traffic stop at the driver's window with a cigar in his mouth.


rossdowdell t1_jeg825s wrote

It is gonna be a crackpipe before too long.

One of the most terrifying conversations I had in the last few years was with a police recruiter a few months back. You have no idea how talentless the PPD is going to be when the next wave of pensioners retires.

So many in here love to take shots at the PPD. OK. Many they deserve it, but when you see what passes for a Philly cop in a few short years, you will move to Wyoming---and then vote the same way that caused you to leave Philly.

Fat, dumb, old cops are the future of this city. I hope I am wrong, but I ain't.


outerspace29 t1_jefn1j6 wrote

His uniform was made from 3 other uniforms stitched together


rossdowdell t1_jefpu8z wrote

3 uniforms from healthy cops that resigned to serve elsewhere---somehow ignoring the ridicule of Redditors as they drive out on 95 South.

Anyone who can not show the slightest care for their outward appearance like these chubs hasn't the fortitude to be an affective police officer.

But this is the police force that you have leftover; filled with 3rd tier rejects that never leave leftovers.