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outerspace29 t1_jeft1mq wrote

You're aware this is r/philadelphia, where people talk about things that are related to and happen in Philadelphia, right? This "as though this stuff only happens here" seems like a projection and willful misunderstanding on your part.


ColdJay64 t1_jefubrs wrote

I am aware of that, thanks. I pretty clearly articulated that I was commenting on people discussing things as though they are only problems here (“its so easy to become an innocent bystander in Philly”), as though it’s not the same elsewhere - hence me mentioning what’s happening in other places. I also said that OUR transit system needs to be fixed.


outerspace29 t1_jefy8o4 wrote

This is hardly evidence that "people always speak as though this stuff only happens here." Again, it's a Philly sub. How should these types of comments be phrased to avoid offending your sensibilities, since it seems clear you're intolerant of any criticism of the city?

"A crime occurred in Philadelphia. In order to discuss it, I'm obligated to point out that crime occurred in Los Angeles, NYC, Detroit, Phoenix, and Boise as well. I'm confirming with my sources, but crime may also have occurred in Tripoli, Hong Kong, and Glasgow."


ColdJay64 t1_jefzm33 wrote

You sound offended, I think my initial comment had a perfectly reasonable tone. And constructive criticism is a good thing, blanket statements about how horrible things are here (typically exaggerating) are not. I’m actually pretty vocal about wishing city leadership acknowledged these incidents and told us what they are doing to address them. People don’t like him but at least Eric Adams does that.

Have a nice Friday!