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Ulthanon t1_jec9hy5 wrote

If one was looking to buy some legit emergency water, now would be the perfect time


MonsterNog t1_jecljc6 wrote

Doesnt last long enough between emergencies, we only get one disaster level event like once every 3 years


magew t1_jecy1m3 wrote

Bottled water doesn't go bad after 3 years... am I missing something


mixtapemusings t1_jecyec0 wrote

The water doesn’t go bad but the bottle becomes the problem. The plastic starts to erode into the water. But it should be fine for 2 years, supposedly, maybe longer if kept in a cold, dark place.


benifit t1_jee452u wrote

The irony of buying bottled water to avoid ingesting plastics.


tempmike t1_jedl72n wrote

I keep a few 2.5 gallon jugs of water and rotate them out each year when we go camping.


_jeremybearimy_ t1_jeejrgb wrote

Yup I do the same, just with 1 gallon jugs. I also use them to water my plants.

Worked out well this week, at most water had been in the jugs for a week, so just poured it into my brita.


crispydukes t1_jee6erj wrote

This true. I built an emergency food bin in Feb 2020 (I saw what was coming). We opened the water this past summer and it was AWFUL.

Glass jugs may be the way to go if possible.


siandresi t1_jeeuptk wrote

Yes they should spread out disasters better so they can coordinate mass hoarding activities with inventory supply chains


green-light-of-death t1_jeeg5rd wrote

buy some storage jugs and treat the water. replace every 6 months.


MonsterNog t1_jeegcpj wrote

Man I don’t know how to treat water, do I be real mean to it? And replacing every 6 months seems like a waste of money I think I’d rather wait til Godzilla attacks us next time and run out before y’all do


SomePaddy t1_jeextgd wrote

>Man I don’t know how to treat water

You have to neg it. Tell it you've had much more hydrating beverages and that you're not sure if you're even thirsty anyway.


PettyAndretti t1_jecknjg wrote

Why, is it on sale ?


Ulthanon t1_jee1ow0 wrote

If they've over-ordered because of a catastrophe that didn't end up requiring mass bottled water, it should be soon, if it isn't already


Notmiefault t1_jecxbgm wrote

To be fair, supply chains are not instantaneous and they had to make it decision on how much water to stock up on before they knew how bad the spill was.

I'd rather a hilarious overstock that in retrospect was completely unnecessary than the reverse, a real disaster and no clean water because the grocery stores were playing it safe with their ordering.


rovinchick t1_jeetkt6 wrote


Rivster79 t1_jecwad9 wrote

Serious talk. Had things gone the other way, you would all be bitching that they didn’t order enough.


Miamime t1_jecvv8p wrote

People I work with absolutely still don’t believe the water is safe. I’d assume there’s still lots of demand for this.


sandwichpepe t1_jeczzvf wrote

i also learned that some people never ever drink tap water … like if they’re thirsty they just crack open a water bottle. my family only used water bottles if we were out for an event for something, otherwise we stuck a cup under the sink and drank that shit lol


_jeremybearimy_ t1_jeepw3i wrote

We asked a coworker if he was aware of the news (as he kinda lives under a rock). He said he doesn’t drink tap water because it tastes bad. Have people never heard of water filters? I just don’t get it lol. It tastes better out of my Brita then out of most plastic water brands


Hoyarugby t1_jef18du wrote

I had a friend growing up whose family did that and it was always insane to me. So much trash produced...

Meanwhile I got too lazy to even wait for brita filters to work so I just drink straight from the tap almost exclusively


carolineecouture t1_jeed1zd wrote

We would get calls from out-of-town parents asking if the water was safe to drink. We told them Philly had good tap water and they could find the reports online if they wanted to check.


Blueskyfox2019 t1_jec8sv6 wrote

Of course, no one will buy any now in preparation for the next water apocalypse.


defusted t1_jecd8ue wrote

But do they have distilled water


freedoomed t1_jecg3x6 wrote

I can almost never find distilled water. I need it for my cpap


leninluvr t1_jecxwf2 wrote

Fellow cpapper here, I find it at essene pretty regularly


machinerer t1_jed4wgn wrote

Shoprite sells it by the gallon. I buy a gallon here and there to cut pure glycol coolant into 50/50 water/coolant for automotive cooling systems.


Redpandaling t1_jed82sq wrote

Oh, this makes sense. I was about to say, drinking distilled water is a very bad idea (if you drink a lot). The human body didn't evolve drinking pure water, so it actually causes problems over time.


[deleted] t1_jed6305 wrote



freedoomed t1_jed77dl wrote

The majority of coffee makers don't work that way. They work on the force of the bubbles of the boiling water. I would recommend Technology Connections on YouTube he has a series on coffee makers.


popfilms t1_jedldv8 wrote

it's 2:28 am you do not need to rewatch the TC video about Mr. Coffee for the third time


sandwichpepe t1_jecegdn wrote

was just gonna say, bc i need some 😂


defusted t1_jecf11y wrote

Funny know why I got down voted but what ever


sandwichpepe t1_jecfdg2 wrote

i think a lot of people don’t realize that some people need distilled water for medical reasons (like CPAPs) … or if you have picky plants like i do 😂😂


thelatherdaddy t1_jecfkfk wrote

Even my humidifier recommends it


mundotaku t1_jeckrqd wrote

Yes!!! It has been a pain in the ass to find distilled wayer here in Philadelphia! Good to know I am not crazy!


sandwichpepe t1_jeczh59 wrote

i just came back from my local grocery store and they had zero distilled water … but pounds upon pounds of other waters 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ i hope my calatheas fuck with spring water 😂


Candlelover1 t1_jee6wxd wrote

You use bottled waters for your plants????? I use tap water. I filter my water for my cat though.


anclwar t1_jeec69y wrote

Unlikely. I just bought a countertop water distiller because I haven't been able to get distilled water all winter. Luckily we never had long-term hard freezes and I was able to access rain water to boil for my humidifier and feed directly to my plants, but if we had a CPAP or other medical devices, that wouldn't work.


stjblair t1_jecje3b wrote

Having worked in a grocery store this is probably just the water that’s going on sale next week


courageous_liquid t1_jecujlv wrote

The chicken/beef/veg stock and beer were also literally entirely full so I assume people were not thinking all the way through their actions.


Timely_Scar t1_jech2yz wrote

This is after a fight happened at Acme


dzhastin t1_jecxjk8 wrote

Bottled water expires over time. (Well, the plastic does, not the water). If you’ve had a stash for a while check the expiration date, now might be a good time to restock


trostol t1_jedb3ll wrote

as a person that works at Acme...the powers that be that made the decision to send this out did so poorly. Trucks got sent out to deliver these pallets of water..AFTER the all safe was given. My store in particular did not get the delivery til after midnight, plenty of time for them to cancel the trips. So now my super small store, like many others i am sure have these pallets of water taking up space in the aisles


AtBat3 t1_jedws3x wrote

And a bunch of people will have unopened cases of bottled water sitting on their porch for months now


AutisticOcelot t1_jee4lmw wrote

The loss from this may force them to bump the prices of paper bags to us.


eagleapex t1_jegw71g wrote

Bottled two hours north in the poconos


piper4hire t1_jed3n1r wrote

did people actually line up and buy water or was that fake news? say it ain’t so.


accu22 t1_jed8y96 wrote

Oh, it happened. My local had it's shelves cleared.


mcstatics t1_jee46qc wrote

It was worse than the toilet paper run at covid time. Fist fights for water at the store I went to.


mountjo t1_jeebkq6 wrote

On Sunday we were told we couldn't drink tap until further notice. Not sure what other options there was?


jbphilly t1_jeeavqp wrote

Even in West Philly (where the water was never at risk) there were long lines of people with cases of water bottles at the Acme near Penn.


Crackrock9 t1_jecrnys wrote

I just wanna know what all these morons were gonna do with all that water they bought, even if there was a contamination. Did everyone in Philadelphia drink tap water, and boil pasta every 2 hours?!?


efeaf t1_jecsi9m wrote

Um, a lot of people drink tap water ya know. Also do you realize just how much water people use from the tap? Hint: it’s a lot. So your assumption about what people planned to do is way off


Calint t1_jecu10p wrote

Yeah, been seeing a lot of people saying that they never drank from the tap to begin with. Tap water in Philly is actually very clean. I drink from the tap every day except when there are spills like earlier this week.

I do use a pur water filter in my home.

Philly Water Data


Crackrock9 t1_jectkap wrote

You’re right, turns out it was completely necessary.


efeaf t1_jeculv4 wrote

Drinking, bathing, cooking most things, washing hands, cleaning in general


Crackrock9 t1_jed3wbc wrote

Almost everything you mentioned was never in jeopardy and declared safe from day one


RJ5R t1_jedmmdi wrote

hey asshole, ask the people of flint what it's like


Crackrock9 t1_jedt7og wrote

Hey asshole, the drinking water here has been good the whole time.


anclwar t1_jeed78e wrote

We only drink tap. I grew up on it and so did my husband. We also give it to our four animals and cook with it daily. Water is the number one consumed beverage in my house, coffee is number two. Guess what we make our coffee with? Tap water.

The city botched this alert and had people questioning if we were about to be the next East Palestine or Flint. There was no consideration of how long this was going to last and people need water to live.

You're cracked if you really think no one will be drinking the water they bought, or buying more because they don't trust the all clear.


Crackrock9 t1_jefk1if wrote

I never said no one uses tap water. I drink tap through a brita filter, but managed without buying one single bottle of water. According to another Redditor, I must’ve drank my own piss. But you’re cracked if you think people didn’t overreact. Like all the people thinking this is the next flint/east palestine. I mean hindsight is 20/20 but 8000 gallons isn’t even a drop in a bucket in a drop of a bucket. Also if you don’t trust the all clear given from the same people who gave the extra cautionary warning, that’s irrational, is it not? Thank god water doesn’t expire, just like all those plastic bottles, many of which will be returning to the water.


MeanwhileOnReddit t1_jecycsv wrote

Do you only drink and cook with bottled water? In that case, it seems like you would also need to be one of these morons who need to purchase cases.