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Aromat_Junkie t1_jdhno66 wrote

i mean ok, but then there's definitely not going to be any cool diners next to subway stops.


CerealJello t1_jdho4dc wrote

Not true. You can have a diner below an apartment building. That kind of mixed use development creates a better, more walkable neighborhood.

Edit: Ellsworth Federal is one of the best examples of terribly used land. We have a surface lot in front of a diner at Ellsworth and a Pep Boys with a surface lot at Federal. Keep the businesses, remove the lots, upzone with more housing.


Aromat_Junkie t1_jdhom8e wrote

Oh yeah I mean, there would definitely be places like diners that still exist, probably just with a lot less shiny siding and neon lights.


Gobirds831 t1_jdhrmd8 wrote

What….the south street diner is not good enough for you