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Ng3me t1_jc08bnp wrote

Bus does not fuck around. People do not smoke or act foolish on it. It’s a great option to get to or from Center City. Awful to pass through. Like south Phila to Temple on a bus sucks. Must take sub.


homiefive t1_jc09bxe wrote

bus does not fuck around is right. had a couple of young kids try starting shit with me as the bus was a block away. they tried to get on the bus after i did and the bus driver recognized they were trouble and told them to get the fuck off and they can’t ride. most of the drivers are great and they do not put up with shit.


pasnow t1_jc20nsc wrote

Bus drivers will tell you, the high school kids are the worst. From 2-4p sucks


owenhinton98 t1_jc28fo1 wrote

Yeah if I’m out around that time of the afternoon, my guard is up even more than it would be at 2am on a poorly lit block in a sketchy neighborhood


jbphilly t1_jc09yia wrote

Trolleys are the same. I’ve never seen anybody try any fuck shit on the trolley, even in the post pandemic era where I literally haven’t been on the el without someone smoking on my car.


ContractTrue6613 t1_jc1o8o9 wrote

That’s crazy cuz I have been on the trolley when the driver stopped, got out and hit a blunt with his friend who was sitting in a parked truck .


Fattom23 t1_jc1w9br wrote

Yeah, but it wasn't on the trolley, so the initial point stands.


sockbref t1_jc1oomv wrote

Try any fuck shit lol. I’m adding that one to my words I use.


hic_maneo t1_jc2259e wrote

Last week on the trolley there was a couple up front vaping together (I was at the end of the car so I didn't smell anything). Driver did nothing about it. I was very disappointed 'cause I've gone from ridding the El every day to riding the trolley just to avoid the second-hand smoke. So, it can happen, but at least for now it's notably rare.


Ng3me t1_jc2g3kc wrote

Very rare. Certain vapes don’t smell much so the driver could have missed it. Should be kicked off for sure. Trolley is almost as strong as the bus but not quite.


Diamondback424 t1_jc3m7nq wrote

We used to fuck around in the trolley on a daily basis going home from school lol. Someone lit a fire in the back and the dude didn't stop. Not sure if he realized it, we put it out pretty fast tbh.


BureaucraticHotboi t1_jc0iifl wrote

Yep! I take the bus from south to my job downtown almost every day. It’s relatively reliable and tho the sub is like two more blocks, and the bus gets snarled in traffic, it’s so much more orderly. Old dude got on with a big speaker in his cart playing soul music. Honestly it wasn’t even a bother cuz the music was good. But the bus driver stopped after two blocks with him playing it and was like “shut it off til you get off or you’re walking” and he did. Also in the days of mask mandates, we had a guy get on who didn’t want to put it on. Bus driver yelled at him and stopped. Everyone else just started screaming like “yo we don’t want to wear these either but we need to get to work dickhead” and he dropped whatever point he was tryna make real quick and took a mask from someone else


Ng3me t1_jc2gazv wrote

This is exactly why I don’t buy it when septa and transit police say “what can we do about smokers?” Ask your fucking bus drivers.


BureaucraticHotboi t1_jc4xhnp wrote

Literally. I doubt they talk to the drivers union or at least don’t listen to them. Because some active presence of anyone who gave a shit at subway stations or on the cars would quickly reduce the fuckery


HotConcrete t1_jc095xt wrote

SEPTA drivers get random drug tests. No way do they want to risk second hand weed causing them to pop positive.

Edit: not sure why I assumed they were smoking reefer. But I assumed.


sandwichpepe OP t1_jc0f0gp wrote

not sure what it was, i don’t think it was weed nor cigs 🤷


HotConcrete t1_jc1r5zm wrote

Lol, do edgy teenagers still smoke cloves?


EntireTadpole t1_jc2fuup wrote

Wasn't that an 80's thing? Or did it happen in the 90's too?


ElectricalMud2850 t1_jc5824o wrote

That was still happening in the early 2000s when I was hanging out at skatepark all the time.


svenEsven t1_jc1ikmw wrote

Philadelphia also banned employment screening for marijuana, there are a few exceptions, but I don't think septa driver is one of them.


DrJJStroganoff t1_jc1xnvo wrote

Owning a commercial drivers license (like these bus drivers) they are subject to federal drug screenings under the DOTs authority. Regardless of local regulations.


svenEsven t1_jc2b7wr wrote

I was unaware the standard size busses required those. Thanks for the information.


DrJJStroganoff t1_jc2bvz5 wrote

It's a class B vehicle, one step below semis. So you need either a CDL class A or B to drive one, and you need to get a special "endorsement" on it to transport humans. The endorsements are another step where you take an additional test. You need them for humans, liquids, doubles, hazmat, etc.


eleboil t1_jc3szwx wrote

Also air brakes.


DrJJStroganoff t1_jc3u8qb wrote

Air brakes are included in the A and B classes. No endorsement exists for them.


eleboil t1_jc9no5i wrote

Not when I took my CDL test. it was and I believe still is a restriction that needs to be removed ( endorsement was not the correct term) Just like manual transmission. Air brakes are a separate part of the written and practical test.


nnp1989 t1_jc1mhw3 wrote

Pre-employment screening =/= random testing. I’m pretty sure you can still be tested in a job like that at any time.


mymanlysol t1_jc0r2y0 wrote

Lol, are you serious?


cashonlyplz t1_jc1k8ak wrote

Are you?


mymanlysol t1_jc1tsr7 wrote

You really think that a person smoking weed on a bus could cause the driver to fail a drug test?


Obbz t1_jc1v7u1 wrote

Yes? That's called hot boxing my dude.


mymanlysol t1_jc221z4 wrote

Everyone on the bus would have to be smoking. Even then it's unlikely it would cause someone not smoking to test positive.


f0rf0r t1_jc0z0rz wrote

fr the bus is unreliable but the drivers keep it tight onboard