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So if a public school (a governmental body) invites a drag performance, that's bad, but if parents bring their kids, that's also bad, so if neither government nor parents can make that decision, who can?


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So it's neither up to parents or schools but rather mayors and governors?


ell0bo t1_jdo0lpz wrote

That's republican 'small' government for ya. The only good government is the one that they agree with, if they don't then it's personal rights, unless they disagree with that too.

Basically, they were all the kid that took their ball and went home when they were losing. I'd call it hypocrisy if they ever actually stood one way or the other, lol.


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BigShawn424 t1_jdnp76u wrote

Here we go. Can you really not have a disagreement without insulting someone?


electric_ranger t1_jdo0g35 wrote

You’re gonna have to take the L on this one, BigShawn. People get understandably riled up when there’s a concentrated campaign to eliminate their way of life.

It’s okay if drag isn’t for you, it’s not my cup of tea either. But the way you handle that is… not going to drag shows. Not banning them.


Indiana_Jawns t1_jdo1h4g wrote

Is this the best you’re going to do? You’re leaving the bigotry up but removing comments calling it bigotry?

At least tell me he’s getting a ban for this bullshit


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Please report content. We will gladly review user reports and remove/leave up content or ban users accordingly.


AgentDaxis t1_jdn4897 wrote

Again, none of those things are being "forced" on anyone.

And are you suggesting parents shouldn't have a say in bring their own children someplace?


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wis91 t1_jdnb12e wrote

This makes no sense. Drag performers don’t have sex for money. Are you actually this stupid?


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mynameisntjeffrey t1_jdnrje6 wrote

You’re equating drag queens to porn stars and then getting annoyed when people call you out on it? Just don’t make wildly exaggerated comments if you don’t want people to tell you how ridiculous your wildly exaggerated comments are.

If the basis of your argument relies on you wildly exaggerating what you’re arguing about to make your point then your point is wrong.


BigShawn424 t1_jdnsftz wrote

You can call someone out without insulting them


mynameisntjeffrey t1_jdntxj5 wrote

You do realize that equating drag to porn is incredibly insulting right? It’s not just you getting offended.

But that’s besides the point. I’m honestly curious how you compare drag to porn. Cheerleaders dress insanely provocatively in their performances. Are they pornstars too? Should we ban children from sporting events? I don’t think we should, but I also don’t think the government should ban drag either. What’s your take?


sugr_magnolia t1_jdo33tq wrote

If you felt insulted by any comments, you should have reported them.

You are correct in saying that someone should be able to respond without adding insults into the mix. I haven't seen anything that crosses that line* but - again - feel free to report.

*Edit: that hasn't already been removed.


wis91 t1_jdnc1fd wrote

No, your comparison is legitimately stupid.


Indiana_Jawns t1_jdnir5u wrote

Keeps making bigoted posts, complains about people being mean about bigoted posts… SMH


AgentDaxis t1_jdnlr4z wrote

You're equating drag performers with porn stars now?

Good grief...


themightychris t1_jdnxw3i wrote

^ This is someone who has no idea what a drag show is outside what they've heard gossiped on conservative media

I've never seen anything more sexual at a drag show than I've seen at school talent shows and football games when I was in middle school.

What you see at a drag show is people doing silly music videos dressed as showy women. It's not just harmless but healthy for a kid to see.

Odds are there will be kids in any middle school class that start realizing they don't feel like everyone else does w/r/t their gender. Is it so bad that those kids and their peers know they can still be normal happy people and there's places for them in this world?

Kids don't learn to be attracted to the opposite sex from theater and media, they get flooded with hormones in puberty and it changes them unexpectedly. What they've seen in media and culture up to that point just determines whether they feel like they're still normal or like they're deviant/broken after that.

Kids see men dressed masculine, they see women dressed feminine, they see women dancing provocatively, they see love stories where men and women kiss and get married and start families. You don't hear any of that ever likened to pornography—it's only when those representations might help a queer kid feel like they fit into society too that it becomes inappropriate


LoudGroans t1_jdpq0ts wrote

Excuse me, but are you kidding me? Dude, I LOVE drag shows specifically because of how raunchy and ridiculous they are. I, a straight dude, once walked into an impromptu drag show and within five minutes I was brought on stage to deep throat a fucking pretzel and twerk with a bunch of women. I volunteered for it. I did that shit with an open mind and an open throat and a genuine love of pretzels.

It was a hilariously good time and I had a blast.

If the drag shows you're going to AREN'T rowdy and ridiculous and inherently charged with latent sexual energy, you're going to the wrong drag shows, bud.

But that's my thing about this. It's so fucking weird to me that we're at a point where we're using children as the battleground. Why? Why sexualize ANYTHING for children, or politicize anything to their detriment? This is so wildly immature.

Drag shows are fun and beautiful and ridiculous, and they definitely should not be attended by children. The same way nobody under the age of 18 should be allowed in a hooters.

And far as outfits go, as a rational, normal adult, think about what drag outfits look like. If it was a cis white woman walking into a PTA meeting or coming onto a school bus as a school trip aid dressed in what your brain immediately thinks of as a typical drag outfit, you'd legit be like, "What the fuck, Jen? Go home with that shit..."

Not because Jen's not allowed to dress that way, but because these are fucking kids and you should have some common sense, you kook.

The conversation should be that simple, but we're so passed that. We're all sticking to our rigid beliefs and escalating these situations into something that makes literally no sense because we're so committed to being right about everything.

People on the left advocating for drag shows in elementary school are insane. People on the right advocating to ban LGBT events and drag shows statewide (like in TN), are insane. These are all actions, reactions, and escalations.

This consistent "fuck around and find out" loop we're all antagonistically living in has got to stop, because shit like this will KEEP HAPPENING in republican controlled states.

They'll keep saying shit like, "Oh, so you want drag performers reading to OUR CHILDREN? Okay, well, now we're going to do everything we can to make sure drag performers can't even perform in adult venues in OUR STATE."

Like, what did everyone expect was going to happen? That a bunch of weirdo republicans would take that sitting down?

It's like poking a bear with a stick and then complaining when the bear rips your guts out. Be smarter, more tactful, and more strategic. Especially in places where you're behind enemy lines LIKE THE FUCKING BIBLE BELT.

I am beyond frustrated here.


Tall-Ad5755 t1_jdu2u90 wrote

That’s exactly my point. Why would you want to even do it? Like, what’s the point.

I’m perfectly fine with a form of entertainment being for adults; keep it in its lane.


ell0bo t1_jdo117g wrote

First, yes. Someone's job doesn't make them a bad person.

Secondly, porn stars and drag queens aren't equivalent at all. Do you know what you're arguing against? Have you ever been to a drag show?